Translate the Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR into English

The Dash Cam market is increasingly competitive and populated by products that are often similar to each other and that play with the resolution offered by the integrated optics inside the automotive gadget. We at Xiaomitoday.it in the past we tried at least a couple of these accessories, including the one proposed with the Mijia brand and that you can also find inside the Italian Mi Store.

Unfortunately, our proof, like most of Xiaomi's products at launch, does not always prove exhaustive due to the firmware that is certainly not user friendly due to the language menu exclusively in Chinese, when at least it would be enough to integrate English to overcome many small problems. That said the Mijia Car DVR is present in the Mi Stores, and I would have expected the firmware to be translated into Italian or at least into English, ed my direct question during a live you can find on our YouTube channel, the shift clerk replied that there were no problems as the firmware was ad hoc for Italian users, so much so that I asked a further specific question asking if even those who already owned the
Mijia Car DVR could through firmware update get such privileges in Italian.


The answer was positive, but if I find myself writing this article it is certainly not to praise the staff of the Arese Store but for provide you with a solution that could get you out of the drawer the Mijia Car DVR and start using it again by virtue of road safety monitoring. I state that I have no longer done my checks, and therefore maybe I could be wrong about the fact that at the Italian Mi Stores there are the aforementioned dash cams with C inese firmware, but in any case for all the others who have already purchased solution I am about to provide you may still prove useful.

Translate the Xiaomi Mijia Car DVR into English

First of all, the best thing to do is use the Mi Dash Cam application (free download from the Play Store by clicking here) instead of interfacing with the Mi Home app, and this because above all with European servers you can not associate the gadeget to the program and secondly having an app dedicated to my taste is definitely better and more immediate in use. Mi Dash Cam for the basic MIjia Car DVR does not provide who knows what features, but It is in English and this will allow you to set the basic settings of the dashcam on the fly, such as the sensitivity of the collision sensor.

At this point to better use the dash cam in English rather than Chinese you will have to download this file, insert it into the SD memory dashcam and turn it on. At this point a firmware update will start that will last about 1 minute at the end of which the dash cam will switch off. Turn it on again and you will find all the menus in English and therefore perfectly understandable even by those who do not know the language perfectly.

So that you have purchased or that you are about to do it, the Mijia Car DVR, now you have no more excuses. Hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road and a good trip.

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