Three new Xiaomi gadgets for crowdfunding beauty

Let's start this autumn Wednesday with three new Xiaomi gadgets dedicated especially to the female audience, in fact we are talking about two products that have the aim of increasing the beauty of the face, both through massages and infrared rays, and a new shampoo really intriguing. Let's go discover them together!

Three new Xiaomi gadgets for crowdfunding beauty

Three new Xiaomi gadgets for crowdfunding beauty

Let's start with the latter, or the Lofans Lint Remover. The electric shampoo is the 422 ° product to land on the platform of crowdfunding of Xiaomi at the price of 39 Yuan, or on the 5 euros at current exchange rates.

The Lofans Lint Remover serves to remove all the lint that is naturally created with static electricity produced by the friction of the clothes.

The Lofans lint is equipped with a motor that runs up to 7000rpm and uses a negative centrifugal pressure to suck up all the lint. These are then cut thanks to the three sharp blades that we find inside, also rotating at high speed.

We have a total of three different metal meshes, all with a honeycomb shape distributed one above the other to catch lint with dimensions of up to 0,2 millimeters. While for materials we have an ABS plastic body for a weight of only 125 grams.

Finally, in addition to the really elegant design for this type of product, the Lofans Lint Remover has an internal battery for up to 40 minutes of autonomy and can be recharged in two hours through the modern USB Type-C port.

Let's move on to today's second gadget, the InFace Beauty Tool. This facial beauty tool uses infrared rays to improve the skin. In particular, 10 minutes of treatment should help to have a firmer and firmer skin.

The InFace Beauty Tool uses 6 waves of IR rays at different frequencies to produce a strong energy beam that heats the skin, stimulating the creation of collagen proteins and thus repairing the skin and muscles.

Three new Xiaomi gadgets for crowdfunding beauty

Xiaomi states that after a year of treatment, exceptional results will be obtained with a skin that is more toned in both the lower and upper layers.

The InFace Beauty Tool is in a crowdfunding campaign on the official Xiaomi website at the price of 499 Yuan, or on the 64 € at the current exchange rate.

Three new Xiaomi gadgets for crowdfunding beauty

We are now finishing with the WellSkins Eye Massager, a relatively similar product to the previous one but this time dedicated to the eyes or to eliminate the bags under the eyes.

The WellSkins Eye Massager uses three-speed vibrations to massage the skin and is also able to heat the skin from 38 to 45 degrees Celsius. The temperature can then be adjusted directly on the device, which in fact has an LCD display with all the information in view.

The massager can be carried anywhere thanks to its compact size and can also be used to massage the lips or the forehead.

The WellSkins Eye Massager is now crowdfunding at the 79 Yuan figure, around 10 euros. We remind you that these are prices dedicated to the Chinese market that will see price increases once they are sold by third-party stores.


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