A guide to all MIUI versions of Xiaomi and Redmi

You will surely have happened many times to come across articles, if not smartphones, with software versions marked by unknown acronyms. When we talk about Xiaomi, in particular, there are many numbers and letters to remember: in fact, because of the China / Global division, the versions of the custom skin MIUI they are different. To be honest, there are not only these two since the markets to which the brand's devices are targeted are different. To find our way in this untangled world, we thought of making a guide, cataloging each version.

All versions of MIUI: short guide for beginners and non-beginners

The oldest, those who have known the MIUI world for a long time, will undoubtedly remember the closure of the Global Beta plan. Roughly since that period, but actually also from before, there have been more and more "international" beta versions, which usually precede the stable versions.

The version beta it is nothing but a version primordial, still immature, of the MIUI that serves as a test territory before the company decides to release the official update for the stable version. Therefore beta indicates a more unstable version while stable, obviously, the opposite. The beta are released before the stable to a limited number of users who are in charge of test all the features and related bugs of the MIUI interface.

So far so simple, except that the different versions of the skin are designed for different markets. This differentiation passes through the abbreviations which in turn divide all the ROMs and that we will see in a moment. Before doing so, however, you must know that they exist six different markets, six regions if we want, and each of these is given an abbreviation that characterizes them:

  • Europe: initials EU
  • Global: acronym MI
  • China: initials CN
  • Indonesia: abbreviation ID
  • India: abbreviation IN
  • Russia: initials RU

How to recognize the MIUI version of a Xiaomi smartphone?

Now let's go on to describe by thread and by sign how to recognize the MIUI version of our device. Going to "Settings"And then on"System info", We will find the wording"MIUI Version". There are all the data needed to analyze the smartphone version.

After MIUI there will be the bouquet or Global or China. Following the recognition number of the last update (in our case 11.0.3). Below it will be written Stable or Beta (see above for definition). Further down there will be a series of seemingly incomprehensible letters:

  • la first letter (in this case Q) indicates the Android version current: the smartphone in our possession is therefore updated to Android Q or Android 10;
  • la second and third letters indicate the smartphone model: in this case we have a Xiaomi Mi 8 recognizable by the letters EA;
  • la fourth and fifth letter indicate, as mentioned before, the ROM of the smartphone and therefore the market for which the device is intended: in this case our Xiaomi Mi 8 is indicated by the acronym MI and therefore it is a global ROM version;
  • le last two letters stand for the MIUI version code mounted on the device.

In the moment we write, most Xiaomi and Redmi devices are updated to MIUI 11. For some time, although not officially, there has been talk of the release of the MIUI 12: here you will find a roadmap on the alleged release dates. Obviously there is nothing certain in these data given above all that the current version was released in September 2019: just six months of waiting from one version to another is very little and for this we think that the news is to be taken with the due caution.

Was this guide helpful to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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