TWRP now official also for Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro

The reason why Xiaomi has become popular is mainly due to the fact that the company produces relatively inexpensive smartphones able to offer quality and specifications that are not necessarily low-level. Xiaomi has found its balance in making affordable devices equipped with hardware capable of competing with higher-end models and many users are discovering this truth by doing real bargains in buying Chinese OEM terminals. The whole thing is now equally valid for the new Redmi brand.

TWRP now official also for Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro

mi 9t

This is why it is not surprising that the Team Win Recovery Project, or simply TWRP, is supporting more and more Xiaomi devices officially and now also Redmi. TWRP on the other hand is the most used custom recovery in the world of modding Android, allowing to install ROM and various mods to personalize your smartphone in an extreme way. The TWRP recovery, thanks to a touch interface and a really intuitive way to use, in recent years has taken the upper hand on the most famous ClockworkMod which now seems to belong to the past.

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Therefore the popularity of Redmi with its entry level smartphones has led the interest of the TWRP team that after having made their recovery officially available for many models produced by their mother Xiaomi, now he also dedicates himself to Redmi K20 and K20 Pro alias Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro (for the European market)

. For those who do not know, in fact, the two Redmi-branded devices are the same Xiaomi branded devices except for the ROM, of the Global type on the latter and therefore official for the Italian market.

Well maybe someone prefers to have the quality of Xiaomi / Redmi only in the hardware and in the design but not in the software and therefore would prefer to give up the functions offered by the MIUI perhaps adopting a ROM with user experience more similar to that of Android Stock (even if the company, with its limits, proposes its Android One versions specifically). Well if you are among those now you can fiddle with as much as you want thanks to the release of TWRP and install one Custom ROM maybe based on AOSP. Good modding to everyone.



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Kevin Walls
Kevin Walls
9 months ago

Does it work with the latest update? 11.0.4

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