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How to install TWRP Recovery (Unofficial) on Mi 2 Mix without root

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (Chiron) needs presentation? Not really, nor much less TWRP Recovery which has long been considered leader in the custom recovery area for Android smartphones.

For those who are a veteran of the modding, will remember the old ones recovery text in which we moved with the volume keys, well with the advent of the TWRP all operations can be performed using the touch screen.
From the recovery part of the world of modding, in fact, thanks to it will be possible to flash (install) any type of firmware compatible with our device with ease.
But the installation of firmware is not the only possibility that offers us, in fact it will be possible to flash any type of customization, such as alternative Kernels and MOD for the installed ROM.

Do you want to activate the gesture on the display of your Xiaomi? Here is the solution!

Well, let's start now! We remind all those who want to run this guide that root permissions are not necessary!

twrp recovery I mix 2


* This tutorial is exclusively for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (Chiron)! Warning, do not test this guide on another device, you could risk a brick!
Furthermore, we remind you that the Xiaomitoday team is free from any damages, layoffs, exploded terminals, thermonuclear wars and much more ... 🙂

Requirements to install TWRP recovery (Unofficial)

  • Computer;
  • Fastboot Driver;
  • Bootloader unlocked; (GUIDA)
  • TWRP file.


Download the TWRP recovery by clicking on the button below (we recommend using Google Chrome) and then click on the download button at the top right



Restart the device in FASTBOOT mode (while the terminal is off, press the home key + button to decrease the volume).


Connect your device to the PC via a cable


Now extract the TWRP zip file that you downloaded previously in a new folder, and run the "Flash.bat" file

twrp recovery I mix 2

When you open the "Flash.bat" file, you will find a screen like this.


At this point click on any keyboard button to continue


Great! The phone will automatically start in TWRP recovery.


Compliments! You have successfully installed the custom recovery on your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2!

twrp recovery I mix 2

Recovery TWRP (Unofficial) on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2!

As already mentioned above, this guide was created specifically for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, so if you try to use it on other devices you could get numerous bugs and system instabilities. I hope that the guide is useful to all those who have a passion for hacking, trying and testing custom rom with the aim of giving a touch of particularity to their device.


Kevin Nicola Crisanti

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5 years ago

ATTENTION (also as info for xiaomitoday) I have done the procedure. He made me put a code to enter recovery (the one with the pins), which is not written here. When I restarted my mobile phone was in English and made me enter the code here too (NOT MY I had before; it gave me wrong code). Do not itallatelo, at least before backing up to HardDisk because most likely you will have to do a nice full wipe. (Other than that, after starting the phone, the twrp disappears and that stock comes back, but I think it's a problem with my mobile because it does... Read the rest »