Official Mi Charge Turbo and Mi 9 Pro: 5G charging technology at 30W

A few minutes ago the meeting began on technology and communication held by Xiaomi, where technology was discussed 5G but above all of the new refill process which, by using the new type of connection, has succeeded in increasing the recharging power from 27W (the maximum supported to date by brand devices such as the Mi 9) to well 30W thanks to the new I charge Turbo, actually increasing its speed. Presiding over this conference was Cui Baoqiu, the company vice president and president of the technical committee. Regarding the development of these two technologies, the deputy revealed that Xiaomi in the past three years has invested more than one billion yuan in research and development. In addition to this, the much sought after was announced We 9 Pro that we knew by the name of Mi 9 S.

Official Mi Charge Turbo and Mi 9 Pro: 5G charging technology at 30W

Currently regarding the recharge with wire our beloved brand has achieved well 100W of speed. It has gone from the now obsolete Quick Charge 2.0 on old-fashioned devices in the 2013 at Quick Charge 3.0 to 18W (from the Mi 5) in the 2015. Later thanks to the technology mounted on the I 9 we came to a power of 27W and on an experimental basis, last March, of 100W. As far as wireless charging is concerned, there have also been several steps forward from the Mi 2S, to move on to the one from 10 W and finish at 20W of the Mi 9. But now the cards on the table have changed as the power achieved thanks to the new technology Mi Charge Turbo is well 30W, which means that with just 69 minutes you can recharge a mammoth 4000 mAh battery. As we know, our smartphones, being smart, decide the amount of current to be absorbed by the charger: in this case the current outlet is 4 times higher normal and therefore the speed reached (which you will see below) is much higher.

Data in hand in 25 minutes you get half a charge but the news has not ended here. Thanks to the development of this new top-up mode, Xiaomi has also managed to implement the inverse one: if you remember, some time ago we mentioned the possibility that the next device devoted to design Mi Mix 4 supported the Reverse Wirless Charge. In fact we were right because the brand has revealed that this functionality has been added and that with only 30 minutes you can manage to load the 20% of the battery of an iPhone XS (2.658 mAh). It will not be the maximum speed but for the moment we can be satisfied, after all if we have to load more power devices for a powerbank and only in case of absolute necessity, a smartphone. And if you expect the news in the top-up field to be over, you are wrong: in fact we have already entered into the 2.0 phase, the one in which Xiaomi is testing i 40W on future devices. If math does not deceive us we could see, in the next generations of smartphones, a reduction of the recharge times of a further 30%, thus reaching a complete cycle roughly in 40 minutes.

The surprises are not over though: the surprise brand has announced the new top of the range that incorporates all these features, namely the Mi 9 Pro 5G and that will be placed on the market starting from the end of the month. Obviously we are talking, for now, of the Chinese market but by the end of the year we should also find it on the usual store. Below we see an advertising spot, published by Xiaomishka, which would feature the 5G smartphone with its charging technology. Notice how the base automatically recognizes the position of the device to reach it and actually start recharging.

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