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Ulefone uWear: new smart watch unveiled!

Ulefone is one of the many smartphone manufacturing companies based in China who are trying to make a name for themselves in the market. Like many other Chinese brands, this company wants to sell their devices through a number of Chinese resellers, and their products are usually quite cheap and accessible.

This time, we are not here to talk about smartphone phones Ulefone, but we will talk about their new smart watch. Ulefone uWear has been officially released!


Ulefone uWear | Black

Ulefone uWear


Lo Ulefone uWear is definitely inspired by ' iWatch from Apple. This smart watch features a display from 1,44 inches with glass characterized by curl 2.5D.. Composite internal memory from 32 MB, While the RAMalso 32 MB. Equipped by Bluetooth 4.0 which is used to connect the clock to your device, and a battery from 220mAh is available inside. Also, the watch weighs 45 grams.


Ulefone uWare | Silver

Ulefone uWear


Ulefone uWear is compatible with either Android and iOS (iOS 5.0 +). This smart watch also has certification IP65 is preferably used for resistance to water and dust, thanks to'stainless steel of which it is realized. The clock does not work with the operating system A, like most Chinese smart watches, but uses third-party software.

Apple iWatch what too much? If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, Ulefone uWear, it could be a great solution to consider.



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