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Ultenic U11, the practical champion - Full review

As you can already see from the title, I fell madly in love withUltenic U11 for its enormous comforts, but let's start from the beginning.

While unboxing, I was wondering why this vacuum cleaner had three different types of rigid pipes inside it, but as soon as I read the instructions and understood what it was, I was immediately amazed and extremely happy.

The only inconvenience that I complained about with every electric broom tried up to this moment is the difficulty in finding the right place for recharging because sometimes unfortunately, the only place to hang it on the wall, does not have a nearby socket and it becomes really uncomfortable then load it on the ground.

But don't worry! because now with this wonder here, we will never have to worry about this trifle again.

Ultenic U11 charging base

In fact, one of the greatest comforts ofUltenic U11 (but absolutely not the only one) is the possibility of having a mobile charging base that we can move where we like most and it suits us, without having to pierce a wall!

The base is really stable despite being very light, very nice even in sight it does not spoil the appearance of the environment but on the contrary, the design of the vacuum cleaner itself makes it very pleasant to see inside the house.

Let's go now to discover everything about this splendid little gem.

Ultenic U11 accessories

The package contains:

  • The necessary to mount the mobile charging base, i.e. two rigid tubes, the black plastic base, the charger with its power socket (can also be used without mounting the base but directly on the ground), the insert to put the heads directly on the base.
  • The head for cleaning curtains, with a very wide rotation.
  • Long slot nozzle for corners.
  • Two brushes, a large one for cleaning on the ground which includes on its base, LED lights to see better on the ground and a small motorized one for cleaning textiles, mattresses and carpets.
  • A long tube.
  • The instruction booklet with the brush to clean the inserts.

The technical characteristics ofvacuum cleaner then, they have nothing to envy to any type of those already on the market, in fact with yours power of 25KPa really ranks high in the ranking!

Recharging is another of the things that I particularly appreciated in this electric broom because it takes just 2/3 hours for a full charge, the battery is also removable and is a 2000mAh removable lithium battery and offers 55 minutes of autonomy in eco mode and 13 minutes at maximum power, the battery can also be charged even when it is not mounted on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

His LED touch screen it allows you to adjust its three modes in a really simple and immediate way and shows on the display, the set mode, the battery charge and the error codes.

Ultenic U11 display

Its dust tank is really large and comfortable because it can hold up to 650 ml of dirt.

It weighs just 2,72 kg and has a 4-stage filtration type combined with HEPA filter high density H10 level that traps over 99.99% of dust, pollen and pet hair.

Furthermore, it has a system to generate fresh and clean air during suction in order to prevent secondary air pollution, in addition its 78 dB still makes it a fairly quiet vacuum cleaner but powerful.

Last but not least, we have the possibility to make this electric broom totally complete, because there are optional accessories to be purchased separately:

An animal hair brush, which is passed directly on the dog or cat to brush it, massage it and at the same time prevent the accumulation of hair in the house because it sucks directly and an insert that contains a mop and a water tank to be mounted on the main brush to make it possible to at the same time both sucking and mopping.

Completely conquered by this Ultenic U11 I can not help but really recommend it.

Ultenic U11 is on offer

Among the greatest advantages of this cordless vacuum cleaner is certainly the truly affordable price, especially when compared with the competition with the same performance.

Ultenic U11 is available on the GShopper website to this page. Using the discount code A271558B8864 you can buy the product a 159 € with fast shipping from Spain free.

Take advantage of it because at this price it is impossible to get better!

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