Vernee Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: similar in aesthetics, profoundly different in substance

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 (here the full review) is the successor of the revolutionary unframed smartphone released by Xiaomi in the 2016, Xiaomi Mi MIX. As usually happens when a device introduces a new function on the market or, as in this case, a new trend, Mi MIX 2 has been followed by the replicas of many Chinese OEMs such as Vkworld, Vernee, Elephone and Bluboo. Among these, one in particular attracts our attention: we speak of Vernee, who seems more than anyone to want to ride the intuition of Xiaomi, so as to emulate the borderless of the Beijing colossus both in aesthetics and in the name.
Already the price at which the two devices are proposed gives considerable information on the type of product that lies ahead, but considering that the brand Vernee is not well known in all markets (including Italy), some people may have misconceptions about the purchase of the device. So let's take a look at how much the economical XeeMix Mix 2 differs from the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 flagship.

We start immediately going to summarize the specifications of the two contenders:

Vernee Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: similar in aesthetics, profoundly different in substance

Display & Design

The 2 Vernee Mix is ​​slightly larger than Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, entering the phablet section with a display from 6 inches, against a diagonal from 5,99 inches for the second. In fact, the difference between the dimensions in terms of visualization is obviously negligible and both panels offer ample space for activities such as reading, playing and watching movies.

Vernee Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: similar in aesthetics, profoundly different in substance

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

Both smartphones have an 18 aspect ratio: 9 and a frameless design. In particular, the edges on both sides and on the front have been reduced to about 2 mm to provide a full-screen experience, while the frame is slightly larger at the bottom to accommodate the front camera and sensors. Both smartphones have a screen resolution of 1080 * 2160 pixels (so let's talk about Full HD +) and, considering that the dimensions of the display are almost the same, also the pixel density and the refresh rates are similar.

Vernee Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: similar in aesthetics, profoundly different in substance

Vernee Mix 2

In terms of design, both the Vernee Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 have a premium appearance, also perceptible to the touch, thanks to the presence of glass on the back and front side. Mi MIX 2 is lighter, with a weight of 185 grams compared to 205g's weight of the 2 Vernee Mix, and this is probably caused by the increased battery capacity of the latter. The 2 Vernee Mix has a thickness of 7,6 millimeters, about 1 millimeter thinner than the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, which therefore stands on 7,7 millimeters.

Performance & Storage

We now arrive at the points of greatest divergence between the two smartphones. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor while the Vernee Mix 2 is based on a MediaTek Helio P25 processor. Both use eight cores, but data sheets reveal that the 2 Vernee Mix enjoys a slightly higher clock (2.5 GHz) than Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 (2.45 GHz). Coming out of pure technical values, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 is much faster than the Vernee Mix 2 when it comes to performance. Not for nothing its processor equips several other top of the range like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5T. The smartphone created by Lei Jun marks an impressive 181.750 on the AnTuTu Benchmark 6.

On the other hand, the Vernee Mix 2 does not disappoint in a general sense with its processor MediaTek Helio P25, which marks 62.843 on AnTuTu Benchmark 6. This value is sufficient to manage daily activities with ease, as the 3D games will not suffer too much, thanks to the use of a Mali-T880 GPU. Of course, the direct comparison sees an undeniable superiority for Xixi's XIXX MIX.

Moving on to storage, the Mi MIX 2 has 6 GB of RAM, which ensures efficient multi-tasking between apps, while the Vernee Mix 2 is equipped with 4 GB, a good quantity, therefore, sufficient for most consumer needs. The Xiaomi smartphone offers various cuts of integrated memory, from 64 GB up to well 256 GB, with no possibility of expansion, unlike the Vernee Mix 2 that, although it has only one cut of storage memory equal to 64 GB, offers the possibility of add 128 GB extra with a microSD.


The Vernee Mix 2 is equipped with a dual camera on the back, consisting of a primary lens from 13 MP and a secondary lens from 5 MP, while the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 has a single camera from 12 MP. The shots on both cameras are very good, but Vernee offers the possibility to add professional effects such as background blur (Bokeh).

Below are some shots taken with Vernee MIX 2:

Vernee Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: similar in aesthetics, profoundly different in substance

Vernee Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: similar in aesthetics, profoundly different in substance

e Xiaomi MI MIX 2:

Vernee Mix 2 vs Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: similar in aesthetics, profoundly different in substance

Finally, the Vernee Mix 2 has a 8MP front camera for selfies, while the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 has a 5 megapixel sensor. As with other smartphone with a frameless design, both have their front cameras on the lower frame, which require you to flip the phone when taking a selfie.

Battery & Connectivity

The Vernee Mix 2 is equipped with a 4200mAh battery, considerably larger than the 3400mAh battery that we find on Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. The autonomy is therefore greater for the Vernee but Mi MIX 2 but Mi MIX 2 defends itself well, almost always guaranteeing the coverage of the entire day of use. The connectivity options are common for both smartphones and include 4G LTE network connectivity, as well as the whole set of sensors needed for compatibility with VR video and 360 degrees.


The Vernee Mix 2 is based on Android 7.0 Nougat and, like many other Chinese clones of the Xiaomi smartphone, offers a software experience very similar to Android "stock". Considering that Nougat is the penultimate version of Android, you get many features and improvements of the user interface on the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 smartphone that comes with MIUI 8, although a MIUI 9 beta build is currently available. MIUI, as noted, is the custom implementation of the Xiaomi user interface of the Android operating system and MIUI 8 and 9 are based on Android 7.0 Nougat.


When making a purchase, the price is one of the determining factors in order to obtain a product that offers an excellent quality-price ratio. From this point of view, the 2 Vernee Mix could be considered one of the best economic devices with a frameless design and a 18: 9 aspect ratio. You can find it for € 173, but with our coupons you can take it home for yourself € 134, customs and transportation included, by clicking here.

The top of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 range can be purchased instead here starting from € 388 for the basic version from 64 GB.


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Max Power
Max Power
3 years ago

absolutely better xiaomi ... only if you compare the processor there is no story ... just put dimensions and weight ...

Massimiliano Lanni
Massimiliano Lanni
3 years ago

Interesting comparison. I was tempted by the vernee but I think I'm going to xiaomi.

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