It will be possible to video call between Xiaomi Smart TV and smartphone [Video]

Today is a cicciotta day with regards to news on Xiaomi Smart TV. A few minutes ago we told you how the brand has on these devices at least advertisements have been removed in China that so bored users. From today, with an update, these will no longer be present and TVs will scream the motto “Technology for everyone!". Another very important novelty, however, is how technology on board is evolving and how in the very near future, it will be possible to make video calls between smartphones and Xiaomi Smart TVs, as well as among themselves. To show us is a video di Li Xiaoshuang, general manager of the Xiaomi TV department, on the well-known Chinese social network Weibo.

It will be possible to video call between Xiaomi Smart TV and smartphone [Video]

Below we post the video republished by Lei Jun on the same Chinese channel.

We can see how in this location that looks so much like one Xiaomi study (note all the boxes with the mark), two alleged developers make one video call between them. The interesting thing is that this video call is not between smartphones but between a Xiaomi Smart TV and a smartphone: in particular the woman uses the first while the second device is used by the man. The two joke and the woman asks the other where she is, framing him immediately after him. All you needed to do this was to simply go to TV application panel and select lcamera icon; once clicked, the call started.

This funny shot of a handful of seconds tells us a lot: first of all, how technology on board everyday devices like TVs is evolving to such an extent allow us to do something trivial as a video call. You say, so trivial is not: well, I assure you that in China you won't see anyone making a simple voice call. Video calls are by far the favorites today.

Obviously for now this type of technology, which we presume to be moved by 5G, is being tested as justifies a video shot in this way inside a studio. It is not to throw away the hypothesis that the before Smartmi Redmi TV of which we have spoken to you a short time ago will be equipped with this type of feature. Obviously do not expect the immediate launch in Italy nor in Europe: it will take some time before seeing these televisions in our homes.

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