VIOMI S9 Review - Efficient and CLEANS ITSELF !!!

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We have seen many products dedicated to smart home cleaning here on the blog and on the YouTube channel, from brooms to electric mops, although the greatest interest of users seems to turn to robot vacuum cleaners, whose market boasts many examples that even allow to wash the floor while vacuuming it.

But if you thought that this sector had nothing else to offer, you are wrong because the VIOMI S9 of which I will talk to you today in this review, offers everything you expect from such a product and much more, thanks to a charging station. which allows the automatic emptying of the dirt tank. Curious right? Well, then take five minutes of your time to find out all the details on the new and innovative VIOMI S9 robot vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi VIOMI S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Automatic Station - Black
Free shipping from Italy. 2 year guarantee
564,00€ 569,00€


The VIOMI S9 packaging is rather bulky, precisely because of the innovative base I mentioned a few lines ago, but above all because we find everything we need to start covering months of cleaning with our robot, in fact we find the following as equipment elements:

  • VIOMI S9;
  • Multilingual instruction manual (Italian present);
  • 1 side brush replacement;
  • Floor washing rack with relative microfibre MOP;
  • 2 in 1 tank for dirt collection and water supply;
  • Charging station with integrated SCHUKO type plug (therefore no adapters are required);
  • 3 bags for dirt collection to be inserted in the charging dock;
  • 10 disposable cloths for washing floors.

From the design point of view, VIOMI's approach is in line with that of all the satellite companies of Xiaomi, offering a product with a clean appearance and free of unnecessary elements, all seasoned with a white color with some inserts in color gold. A color that does not clash in any environment but which must be admitted to be delicate, as it tends to get dirty. The shape of the robot is classic, i.e. round with dimensions equal to 350 x 350 x 98 mm and a weight of about 3,8 kg, considering that we are also offered a laser turret for mapping the home environment, but you will have to take into account this height as under certain beds, sofas and furniture, will not be able to slip.

viomi s9

On the upper part of the VIOMI S9, in addition to the laser turret, we also find two buttons, which will mainly carry out the on / off and cleaning actuation function, as well as that of recalling the product charging base, but if pressed together they allow you to reset the WiFi of the robot, a 2.4 GHz module that allows pairing to the smartphone via the Xiaomi Home app.

viomi s9

On the front of the product we find the usual amortized band, which in fact absorbs the shocks that could derive from obstacles during cleaning, which protects the various collision sensors while on the back of the appliance we find two grids, used as air vent motor as well as a speaker, as the robot will talk to us for some activities, but unfortunately only in English. Then we find the dirt tank which also includes the water tank.

There is a sort of pincer release that allows you to remove the water filling mechanism and a more thorough cleaning, as the HEPA filter has been positioned inside the access cap to the dirt compartment. The dirt tank capacity is 300ml, more than enough to collect the heavy dirt of a house of over 120 square meters. The water tank, on the other hand, has a capacity of 250 ml, which in medium washing mode, allows cleaning of about 60/65 square meters. It is recharged by opening a small silicone plug positioned in the upper part of the instrument, where instead on the back there are the magnetic contacts that will allow the recharging of the integrated battery of VIOMI S9, a 5200 mAh unit.

To this tank we can then anchor a sort of rack on which the disposable cloths or the microfiber cloths will be placed, for washing the floor. Moving on to the lower side of the robot we find the two driving wheels, which allow to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm in height, the side brush that will facilitate the collection of dirt, conveying it towards the central mouth, where a propeller brush with combs is positioned bristled. Finally, we find the anti-fall sensors and the 360 ​​° directional wheel, which will allow the VIOMI S9 to perform the various movements in the available space.

We just have to analyze the VIOMI S9 charging station, which according to the company boasts the shortest intake duct in the world, only 381 mm. Oh yes, the charging base allows you to suck up the dirt collected by the robot while it is parked for charging. In fact, the station consists of a large structure which is accessed through an upper door, in which a 3-liter dust collection bag is inserted.

To be clear, we are talking about bags similar to those we used to use on cordless vacuum cleaners. The capacity of the bag will allow you to collect dirt for about a month of use, a time during which you will never have to worry about emptying the robot's dirt tank, because everything is automated by means of a powerful 950W suction. Moreover, on the front of the station there are LEDs that will indicate the battery charge level, the self-cleaning status as well as warning us of the change of the inner bag, alert that also occurs through the companion app.

viomi s9

Ok but let's get to the performance of the VIOMI S9, which basically offers us a suction up to 2700 Pa of power by means of an engine poco noisy, provided by the Japanese company Nidec. The company declares it up to 30% more efficient than past generations and overall I can confirm this, as the robot has proved to be reliable in collecting all types of dirt, from the most traditional to the coarsest, as well as collecting the countless dog and cat hairs that are deposited daily in my home, as the owner of 3 scratches and 1 dog.

VIOMI S9 also allows you to vacuum the dirt from carpets, as long as they have a hard base, because with traditional bathroom rugs for example, the robot will rightly not be able to climb. I was amazed by the autonomy, which by means of a 5200 mAh battery allows you to safely clean over 120 square meters of the house, this at maximum suction power, also advancing an abundant 35% of residual charge.

Even the washing turned out to be above expectations, leaving no halo, even parquet on every surface, although I must admit that clearly this use is better suited to polishing and disinfecting surfaces than to removing stubborn stains. We have 3 different intensities of water supply available while for suction we have 4 available, being able to combine the programs with each other, as VIOMI S9 allows you to vacuum, wash or do both at the same time. Moreover, it is impossible to set an S-shaped cleaning mode, i.e. the robot will perform "serpentine" movements on the floor for cleaning / washing it, or the more effective but more energy-intensive Y-cleaning, i.e. the robot will first perform a movement in forward and then a lateral movement to the right and then to the left, drawing the letter Y on the ground.

viomi s9

After connecting to the wireless network and the first mapping of the house, which I recommend to do by eliminating all the obstacles that the robot vacuum cleaner might find in its path, the control of the VIOMI S9 will pass almost exclusively from the Xiaomi Home companion app . From here it is possible to manage the maps, for example by renaming the rooms, or by dividing or joining the rooms, but it is also possible to insert virtual walls or define forbidden areas in which the robot cannot clean. Of course we can create several maps, so great if we live in a house with multiple floors (up to 5 different maps).

viomi s9

The convenience of a well-made map also allows you to create different cleaning programs, such as cleaning the bathroom at 10 am with medium power and a wash on the first level, and then carrying out a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and dining room at 3 in the afternoon, at maximum power of both suction and washing etc .. In short, wide to the imagination and needs.

I must admit that the precision with which the VIOMI S9 vacuum cleaner cleans is to the centimeter, thanks to a mapping that uses a new LDS 2.0 laser navigation system, with an action range up to 8 meters and 6 360 ° scans. per second as well as support for SLAM technology and all this allows the robot to restart cleaning from the precise point at which it arrived, if the battery autonomy did not allow it to finish the job previously.

Also through the application, it is also possible to check the state of wear of some of the components of the vacuum cleaner, such as the filter, the brushes and so on.

As already mentioned, the cleaning performances are the strong point of VIOMI S9, because it is one of the most powerful and quietest robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners currently on the market. I particularly appreciated the ability to cope not only with dust, but also with the hair of my pets which, among other things, have never led to an obstruction of the suction cavity, nor of the brushes.

Xiaomi VIOMI S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Automatic Station - Black
Free shipping from Italy. 2 year guarantee
564,00€ 569,00€



The selling price of the VIOMI S9 is 564,00 euros, through our coupon, a figure that I could define as a real bargain considering the functions offered by the product but above all the yield. With just one product we can vacuum and wash the whole house and we don't even have to worry about emptying anything for at least a month, as the suction power of the charging base will automatically empty the VIOMI S9 tank, leaving nothing inside that may smell bad.

A convenience that could be useful, for example, if we plan to leave for a weekend, or if we are forced to close the office for whole days or why not during the holidays. Just think, you just need to make a programming and for a whole month, your robot will sweep the floor for you and on your return you will only have to change the inner bag, if it is completely filled.

There really is poco to criticize the VIOMI S9, indeed perhaps nothing and that is why I recommend it to everyone, because he could be the definitive vacuum cleaner.

8.7 Total score

VIOMI S9 can be considered the definitive robot vacuum cleaner. He vacuums, mops the floors and allows for extensive customization in scheduling household cleaning. If we then add that he empties the dirt drawer himself, then we can undoubtedly decree him the best home automation companion for domestic cleaning.

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7 months ago

Nice article. Where can I find replacement accessories such as bags or cloths? - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products