VIOMI V2 Pro: an effective low cost ROBOT

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When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners at home Xiaomi we immediately think of the Roborock sub-brand, so much so that it is easy to fall into the error of looking with a certain diffidence towards Voimi products, but with this V2 Pro able to suck and washing the floors will convince the goodness of the product even the most skeptical. Thanks GearBest for sending us the sample object of the review.

VIOMI V2 PRO - Unboxing

The robot is available in the only black and gray color, now typical of this product line. In addition to the robot, the sales package contains its charging base with a European plug, the support for washing floors with 2 microfibre cloths, 3 tanks, one of which is only for dust, one for water and one promiscuous for both ( the dust tanks have HEPA filter), manuals and under the upper door there is a comfortable comb for cleaning the filter and the brushes.

VIOMI V2 PRO- Features

The power of ben 21.000pa puts this V2 PRO at the top of its category; the power is however manageable at the user's discretion on 3 levels (plus one that consequently impact on autonomy and engine noise. The 3200mAh battery is certainly not among the most generous adopted by robot vacuum cleaners, but still sufficient for cleaning a with an average performance of about 130 square meters Under the upper door there is a single housing inside which a tank; among the 3 the most versatile is obviously the hybrid one which with 300ml of powder capacity and 200ml of water is sufficient for medium-sized apartments. The system SLAM which it is equipped with works perfectly with the help of 12 sensors and is able to trace the surrounding environment with good precision and to move with sufficient speed and precision between obstacles.

VIOMI V2 PRO - User experience

The real strength of this robot is the software side: one point in its favor is certainly the management through the app Xiaomi Home

and this also determines the importance that the parent company places in this sub-brand. Through the app you have complete access to all the functions, see the operating status and its position instant by instate with the trace of its passage. Based on the type of tank inserted, the level of suction and washing can be managed, the latter quite generous and where I am used to washing with a medium level with this V2 Pro, I used it to a minimum. It has no system carpet detection and is not compatible with voice assistants, but on the other hand has the ability to manage the single rooms, setting up virtual walls, the double pass and above all a very useful function which is the Y movement making sure that instead of going straight, the robot advances by going a little to the right, repositioning itself, a little to the left and repositioning itself, recreating a rubbing effect. It also has the ability to store multiple maps so that you can move it to a house spread over more than one level. Unfortunately, the engineers have positioned the floor washing support on the same side as the base contacts, making it difficult to replace the cloth in recharging mode.

VIOMI V2 PRO - Conclusions

Excellent product considering its price range as it is one of the few to have multiple map management, division into rooms and remote control of the release of water for washing. Probably the best results are obtained by making it perform two steps: one only in suction mode and one in washing mode. The alternation of the tanks is an intelligent technical solution but that in the long run can be uncomfortable as it could not be managed 100% remotely without anyone reversing the tanks when the hybrid one then has limited autonomy.

VIOMI V2 PRO - Offers and discounts

VIOMI V2 PRO Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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230€ 499€

8 Total score

  • Multiple map management
  • Subdivision into rooms
  • Water release control
  • Carpet detection is missing
  • Uncomfortable replacement of clothes
  • Poco practice tank management
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