VIOMI V3 review washes and aspires to record power!

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After reviewing the V2 Pro model, Xiaomi's Viomi division has decided to raise the bar and propose the V3 with record-breaking technical characteristics. A clear sign that the Chinese company continues to invest heavily in this product category. Thanks GearBest for sending us the sample object of the review.

VIOMI V3 - Unboxing

The robot comes in the only available color, i.e. in elegant glossy black with the exception of the turret which contains the laser detector which is brushed aluminum effect. Under the cover there is the multipurpose comb to clean the brushes and filters, two side brushes (one as a spare), 3 tanks, one for suction only, one for water and one promiscuous, 3 cleaning cloths of which one for standard washing, one for washing and drying and one antibacterial; the cloths are attached by means of velcro from a support that connects under the robot. Finally, as always, manuals and charging base with power supply with Italian plug; there is no support base for when charging.

VIOMI V3 - Features

The first fact that catches the eye of this robot is certainly the suction power of its motor: 2.600pa I place it without a shadow of a doubt at the top of the category in the crowded panorama of these very useful home automation gadgets. The mapping of the buildings is entrusted to an effective system SLAM assisted by 12 both horizontal and vertical sensors that allow the Viomi V3 to move easily without hitting objects and without falling from the steps. The autonomy of over 2 hours of continuous use or about 250 square meters is guaranteed by a battery of  4900mAhObviously these data are variable based on the power selectable on a 4-level scale and the washing on 3 levels. Washing is quite effective with variable autonomy thanks to the 3 water tanks and dust collection provided. Thanks to the height poco less than 9,5cm

the robots will manage to slip under most of the furniture.

VIOMI V3 - User experience

To manage the robot it is essential to interact with the app Xiaomi Home, the same as most of the Chinese giant's smart products. After mapping the house, you can easily manage it by dividing the house into rooms by renaming them, inserting them virtual walls and exclusion zones: the latter option is very useful because there is no automatic detection of the carpets but on the other hand it is very clever to climb over carpets and obstacles up to 2 cm high. In map management it is possible to easily add others up to a maximum of 5 to be able to move it easily on several levels of the house. Thanks to the programming, the robot is autonomous in cleaning, being able to manage up to 7 programs according to the day, time and areas to be cleaned. Among the various cleaning settings, it is possible to choose the classic S-passage by going back and forth or Y by emulating the rubbing action of the hand washing of the floors. The promiscuous tank for washing and suction is the most practical for those who have a small or medium-sized house, while the other two for suction or washing only are useful for those who want to take advantage of the excellent autonomy of this robot.

VIOMI V3 - Conclusions

This Viomi V3 is beautiful, powerful and effective; ideal for those who have a large house on several floors or for those who want to use it in large spaces such as offices thanks to good autonomy, management of the 5 maps and programming. It is inconvenient to replace the washing cloths because on the same side as the charging contacts and poco practical tank management but very effective thanks to the great suction power and Y washing.

VIOMI V3 - Offers and discounts

8 Total score

  • Multiple map management
  • Subdivision into rooms
  • Water release control
  • Suction power
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Carpet detection is missing
  • Uncomfortable replacement of clothes
  • Poco practice tank management
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