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On Fire TV you can now watch a movie by telling Alexa a character quote

Amazon celebrates the 10th anniversary of its device Fire TV with something new that will change the way you search for films and series. Thanks to a voice search system powered by generative artificial intelligence, users can now use natural language to find exactly what they want to watch, without having to formulate predefined commands. The news comes after the announcement ofRufus virtual assistant with AI.

AI voice search functionality on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has made a change with its new voice search feature on Fire TV, leveraging generative AI. This technology allows users to search for content with natural language, as if they were talking to a friend. Imagine saying “Alexa, show me sci-fi movies with only female characters” and immediately get a list of relevant titles. This is possible thanks to an advanced AI model trained on databases such as IMDb. The function goes hand in hand with the one from some time ago which allows you to generate AI content on Fire TVs.

ai voice search on fire tv

The announcement of this feature dates back to last year, but it is currently being rolled out for users only identification US. Generative voice search represents a step forward from the previous version, which required specific commands. Now, you can request movies and series based on plot, actors, genre and even quotes famous. For example, saying “Show the film in which an actor says “Great Jupiter!“, Back to the Future would start immediately.

While this innovation is promising, initial tests of The Verge have shown that the results are not always relevant. For example, by asking “Show me dark and violent comedies,” Alexa suggested Barbie, a result decidedly out of context. However, subsequent updates have improved performance, highlighting continued development of the AI ​​model.

To use this new feature, you need to own a device Fire TV with Fire OS 6 or later. Although it is currently only available in the USA, many are wondering when this technology will arrive in Italy too.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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