Walkingpad X21 new model that reaches 12 km / h - Review

Il Walking pad X21 of Kingsmith (former Xiaomi ecosystem) arrives a few months after the debut of the Walking pad R2 but it brings with it some fundamental innovations that make it the definitive treadmill for those who train at good levels at home.

Kingsmith Walkingpad X21
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In the package we find a user manual also in Italian, silicone lubricant for maintenance, hex wrench for carpet calibration, gomato holder to place your tablet or phone.

Aesthetically it is very reminiscent the first version A1 with an ABS shell and aluminum alloy frame capable of support a weight up to 110kg. The dimensions when open are 142x72x102 cm while when closed it occupies only 71x96x22 cm for a total weight of 37 kg.

In the lower part there are 8 feet of which 6 adjustable to level the walking pad ensuring good comfort and avoiding noise due to imbalance. Low noise during walking is also guaranteed by a 4-layer system that softens the footsteps. The noise measured at maximum speed is 78dB.

New closing system that simplifies and reduces the overall dimensions by 90%

Like the previous models, the Kingsmith Walking Pad X21 has the fantastic advantage of being able to fold away and remains vertical reducing its footprint by 90%. In fact, with a thickness of only 22cm it can be hidden behind a door or curtain.

Despite the 37kg weight, thanks to the integrated wheels, can be transported without particular effort to store it in any room of the house.

In this model, Kingsmith has completely revisited the locking system. The support bar is now fixed in the raised position ed it is therefore sufficient to fold only the carpet. The operation is therefore faster and lighter than the previous R1 and R2 models.

Walkingpad X21 has a new engine that reaches 12 km / h

The major novelty of this model is the new one brushless motor that allow you to reach 12 km / h making it also suitable for a good cardio workout. The maximum consumption declared is 918W.

The speed can be adjusted from 0,5 to 12 km / h via the central knob placed on the support handle, with steps of 0,1 or 3km / h making a decisive turn of the same.

The knob also acts as a display status and convenient button to start and stop the walking pad.

Also the display showing the stroke values ​​has been moved across the entire width of the handle which now displays the time, speed, distance and calorie values ​​of the training session at the same time.

In the support bar we find the safety clip which must be worn and which stops the treadmill in the event of a fall.

KS Fit application to manage the walking pad

In addition to the controls placed on the handle, it is also possible to manage the treadmill through the app that is available for both Android and Apple.

After downloading the application and registering, pair the phone with Walkingpad is super easy. On the support bar, to the right of the display, a NFC tag on which just place the phone to see the product appear among those registered. However, pairing via bluetooth is also available for phones without NFC.

To pair the phone with the Walkingpad it is possible to use bluetooth or the NFC surface on the right on the bar and which will carry out the operation in a second but it is essential to have updated to the latest version of the app

Through the app it is possible to configure some parameters useful for operation:

  • Maximum speed for both running and walking
  • Starting speed
  • Child block
  • Measure unit
  • Software update
  • Belt calibration

With the app you can also check and start training sessions and adjust the speed. The app will keep track of a complete, shareable and searchable history over time containing: time, calorie, average pace, average speed, steps and cadence. Unfortunately, as in previous models, the app must be started and connected to the walking pad otherwise the data acquired offline will not be synchronized with the app.

Through the app it is also possible to share and sync your progress with Google Fit.

Conclusions and offer for Kingsmith Walkingpad X21

With this model, Kingsmith has reached the pinnacle of an evolution that lasted 3 years. A treasure of the strengths and weaknesses of the previous models, creating a "definitive" treadmill.

With its maximum speed of 12 km / h it has satisfied those who are used to a more intense workout. The new closing system simplifies and lightens the operation.

With the Walkingpad X21 training at home becomes easy, fast and enjoyable.

The product is available at this address on BangGood with the discount code that I report below and includes fast shipping (7 days) from warehouses in Europe. The price is obviously higher than that of the previous models but it is an investment that pays off over time in health and fitness.

Kingsmith Walkingpad X21
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
772 1245

9.5 Total score
Kingsmith Walkingpad X21

The Walkingpad X21 is a unique product to train at excellent levels up to 12 km / h in the comfort of your home, even in a small one thanks to its uniqueness of folding up and taking up very little space.

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8 months ago

Other than the one supplied in the box, which lubricant would you recommend?