We tried Mijia VDW0401M the Xiaomi Smart mini dishwasher

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Compact, with a minimal and above all smart design: here are the 3 prominent elements of this beautiful compact and portable dishwasher.


The standard equipment includes everything you need to put it into operation: in addition to the dishwasher there are 8 adapters of various sizes for the water connection with relative tightening keys, a tap, a delivery and a drain hose, manuals paper and a kit consisting of 7 single-dose sachets of detergent. For the first use, you just need to add 500g of salt for dishwashers or coarse kitchen salt in the special compartment inside the appliance.


The dimensions are all in all compact when compared to a standard dishwasher. The dimensions are 44.2 x 46.15 x 41.9 cm for a weight of "only" 12,5g and this allows it to be posted and transported with extreme simplicity. It is powered by electricity 220 V with a maximum peak absorption of 900 W therefore it can be used safely together with other appliances. Has well 6 programs of washing with variable duration (including a fast cycle) with a use of water 5 / 6 liters, while it is possible to enable the scheduling of washing or function of steam drying which is activated every 6-8 hours. The standard program that adapts to all needs lasts 2 hours and has a total consumption of suns 0,40 kWh. Inside the dishwasher there are two baskets, the upper one for cutlery and small items such as coffee cups or containers for sauces, while the lower one can accommodate 4 covered complete as long as the diameter of the plates is not excessive. The management of the dishwasher is entrusted to a panel soft-touch or thanks to Wi-Fi integrated via the app Xiaomi Home.


Starting up the dishwasher is really child's play. First, connect the water drainage pipe, from the dishwasher side just connect it to the "L" connection and tighten the clamp, while the other end is positioned vertically in the sink thanks to a suction cup. To connect the delivery pipe you can do it using a normal tap: just remove the jet breaker and connect one of the adapters supplied to its port (they are all of different sizes) and connect the tap; on the right side you connect the water pipe and the other end to the back of the dishwasher. Inside the dishwasher in the lower part there is a cap that must be opened and the salt inserted and, finally, you can insert the plug into the socket and switch on. For smart management, the Xiaomi Home app is used: just start the app, select the dishwasher and the wi-fi network to connect to: at this point, after choosing the room in which to place it, you can manage all the functions.


First of all, the dishes must be loaded: in the lower trolley the plates and containers can be arranged in two rows as small as breakfast cups; alternatively up to a couple of small pots. The detergent does not have a special housing but must be placed on the phono. For the first use the app is almost essential because our test sample has the panel with the Chinese writings. Just select the preferred program among standard, intensive, fast, eco, crystals and sterilization and start the washing. You can also program the washing and activate the safety lock to inhibit the use of the soft-touch panel. In the app settings you can activate the steam drying which is activated automatically every 6-8 hours.


This dishwasher but has really surprised for its effectiveness, ease of use and above all for the low consumption of water and electricity. The app is a real added value that always allows you to monitor the progress of the chosen washing cycle. The compactness and simplicity of installation make it ideal especially for those who live alone (or as a couple) away from home in a small rented house where, moving from house to house, they can take this appliance that is all in all compact and pleasing to the eye. It is also an added value during the holidays for those who have a small house by the sea or for traveling holidays in a camper or caravan.

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