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[Review] Weather BZ

When we buy a new smartphone, one of the first applications we download is undoubtedly an application dedicated to the weather. The application I'm going to review today is completely free and downloadable from the PlayStore, which refers to the well-known MIUI graphic style. Its strength lies in the graphics, very well cared for but smooth at the same time and with graphic customizations, such as the animated weather, which make it particularly pleasant.






When we open the app we will find it in front of the main screen, where pressing menus and then locations, we will go set our city.

it is up to us to decide whether with the geo localization (check that you have the active GPS for better accuracy) or use the key to add "+".


Once you've set your location, we will be facing a screen like the ones below, which allows us to consult the weather of the week with the maximum and minimum temperature trends or hourly.


Screenshot_2013-11-24-15-56-56The application allows extensive customization with the addition of: widget, edit weather providers, weather in the Notification bar, update settings (with the option to set a time zone where you do not update) Weather animations, and finally an "info" section to get in touch with the developer with the various social or making a donation.


I think it is a very valid and reliable application from a meteorological point of view, with excellent graphics and not excessive consumption.

The developer of this application is the same one who created WSMtools always reviewed by me , here.

[pb-app-box pname = '' name = 'Android App Погода BZ on Playboard' theme = 'discover' lang = 'it']




FqNOnjw developer site

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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