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WELOCK SECBN51 is the smart LOCK with FINGERPRINT, TAG and Bluetooth

Whether you have too many keys to manage or you simply want to make your home even smarter, you could seriously consider purchasing a smart lock. Today we are talking to you about the Welock SECBN51, one of the most recent models of the brand which has been on the smart lock market for over 10 years. The product is compatible with existing doors and locks, with European cylinder, so as not to require any type of specialized work, installing it in a few minutes, without the need for particular skills and without the need for specialized equipment.

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Last updated on July 11, 2024 0:20


The Welock SECBN51 sales package contains everything needed for quick assembly of the lock, but above all in a do-it-yourself way. In addition to the lock we find a box with a Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key inside for the various tightening and dismantling of elements, such as the battery compartment. We also find a cylinder extension, essential for doors thicker than 70 millimetres, but also three RFID keys, a thimble for resetting the lock, 2 Allen screws, 2 silicone screws and 2 screws for fixing the battery cover, as well as of course to the manuals (Italian present).


The instructions provided in the package are very clear and simple to follow, allowing anyone to proceed with the installation of the smart lock independently, with just six steps, effectively making the Welock SECBN51 immediately operational. The smart lock is suitable for all doors with a thickness between 30 mm and 70 mm (armored door), but if you have a thicker door, from 70 to 100 mm, you will have to install the extension supplied, following the simple instructions provided by the producer.

The system is powered by three AAA batteries and to install these you must remove the fingerprint block cover, using the Allen key and then the screwdriver to close the battery compartment. The internal knob must then be removed so as to be able to insert the cylinder into the lock seat and then conclude with the fixing of the internal handle. All we have to do is proceed with configuring the lock and downloading the relevant companion app. One piece of advice I give is to write down the unique ID code that you find printed on the Welock lock.


I would like to point out that the Welock SECBN51 lock system does not offer the Italian language, but the information on the screen is completely understandable even for those who do not speak English. Apart from this small note, configuring the mechanism is not complex, in fact the only precaution is to keep the unique code that you wrote down previously, in a position not accessible to anyone, preventing anyone from associating the smartphone with the lock and open it.

The companion application with which to control the lock is available for both Android and iOS and once downloaded you must create an account, either via email or by entering your mobile number. Once registered and logged in, you will have to activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone and proceed with adding the smart lock, by clicking on the + button proposed by the app, to proceed with scanning the QR Code on the handle of the Welock SECBN51.

However, the association of the fingerprint takes place physically on the lock, by accessing the configuration menu, which is recalled by holding down the lock wake-up button for 5 seconds. At this point you will have to enter one or more fingerprints of the user with administration privileges. This is an essential operation to be able to add other fingerprints and to configure the RFID keys. Specifically, we can register up to 100 fingerprints, of which 3 with administrator privileges and 97 with standard profiles.

We proceed in the same way to insert further fingerprints or to associate the RFID keys, but this last operation can also be performed from the companion app, being able to record up to 20 RFID keys, deciding whether to give limited access to a period of time or unlimited. To insert a user's fingerprint you will have to enter the lock settings, authenticate with the administrator's fingerprint, and then press the button until you select the insertion of a new user.


Your Welock SECBN51 is ready and you can open it simply by placing your finger on the reader, remembering however to press the button to turn on the lock, as the reader automatically goes into standby after a few seconds in order to preserve energy consumption, which is basically guaranteed for approximately one year with traditional AAA batteries. Know that through the companion app you can also open and close the lock using Bluetooth but you can also remove any registered fingerprints and RFID keys, which you may have created temporarily to give access to family members or carers etc.. or if you have lost an RFID key . Unlocking via Bluetooth is also the only way to open the door when you have entered the wrong fingerprint or an unassociated RFID card too many times. You will thus be able to understand if someone has attempted to enter your home without your permission, with the possibility of accessing the complete list of all openings and opening attempts made.

In reality there is a fourth way to unlock the Welock SECBN51, that is remotely and therefore without necessarily being near the lock. In this case, a separate accessory must be purchased, the WiFi Box, which allows you to connect the lock to the home WiFi network. A convenient solution that allows you to let someone in when you are not at home, for example if the RFID card is forgotten or if the fingerprint is not recognised, a very unlikely scenario as during my tests the reader always proved to be reliable, recognizing the registered fingerprints 100 times out of 100.

But what happens if the batteries run out? Given that the application sends a notification when the remaining charge drops below 20% and that the same display positioned on the handle gives us a sort of alert, if you really haven't paid attention to the signal, all you need is a power bank and a cable micro USB. You just have to connect the power bank to the USB port of the lock and unlock it with your smartphone. Replacing the batteries obviously does not lead to the loss of the stored settings, both relating to the RFID keys and the fingerprints already registered.


Welock SECBN51 is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a smart product with an eye on security by being able to monitor access to the home. Also useful for those who are careless and perhaps leave the house forgetting the keys, perhaps just to go down to the garage, or for those who regularly host friends or relatives, avoiding making duplicates of physical keys.

You can also buy Welock SECBN51 on the official website for only 139 euros, using the VD50 coupon which allows you to save 50 euros compared to the list price. Shipping takes place from European warehouses and the product has a two-year official manufacturer's warranty and among the accepted payments we also find Paypal and Klarna.

On offer on Amazon

Last updated on July 11, 2024 0:20
Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

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