What is Mi Mutual Transfer of the new Mi 15.6 Notebook "and how it works

As we know Xiaomi does not engage in the production of smartphones alone, but rather of products useful for everyday life but also those useful for professionals. This is the case of PCs and in particular of I Notebooks: these laptops if on the one hand they are decidedly powerful in terms of performance (see the new one Mi Notebook Pro 15.6 ", presented just yesterday), on the other hand they are also cheap as we have seen for the previous models. Even the top series devoted to gaming, the Mi Gaming Laptop 2019, does not exceed the 1400 € and we are talking about a machine that has a video card under its shell GeForce RTX2060 and a display that comes to a refresh rate di 144 MHz. But the specifications are not the only strong points of the brand's PCs: as we will see, in the last model presented there is a feature called Mi Mutual Transfer which is used to transmit data between PCs of the same type without using the internet.

What is Mi Mutual Transfer of the new Mi 15.6 Notebook "and how it works

As the name suggests this technology allows high-speed data transfer between two notebooks of the same brand and therefore two Mi Notebooks. This feature comes "out of the factory" along with the latest model of laptop, for others you have to wait for an update.

my notebook pro

How to use Mi Mutual Transfer

Unfortunately, for now we can give you a guide translated from Chinese and we will try to do everything possible to make it clearer while waiting for it to arrive in the native language for users who use these machines. Once you open the program, which by the way is already installed on the RedmiBook 14 ”Enhanched Edition

, you find yourself in front of a window of this type:

mi mutual transfer

All settings and features are integrated into the software toolbar which is the one you will find at the top in the following image: è present a indicator showing the online mode, offline and unknown (1), one to open the default download folder for Windows (2) and one to view all activities (3).

mi mutual transfer

When using for the first time, the transmission software is in offline mode. You can start the data transfer process by clicking on the "Open Now" button (the green one in the image below on the left). At this point everything is ready and if we need to go in offline mode, just click again on this menu and choose the corresponding option: the software will automatically find all the devices with the same program and display them with the Windows username (photo below right) ).

File transfer: now you can start to transfer data and to do it simply drag and drop or right-click on the device to send the files. If you proceed by right-clicking, a window like the one at the bottom right will appear, showing the recipient and preview of the document. Upon confirmation by the recipient, the progress of the transfer and the remaining time.

Receiving files: for the reception the procedure is even easier as only a small window will appear asking us whether or not to accept the file that the other laptop is sending us. The only thing is that in this period the time during which you proceed with the transfer, the network will be temporarily disconnected preventing other activities: this happens because a peer-to-peer network is used to transfer files, generally faster than transmission over the internet. And so It is possible that long-term disconnections may occur during data transfer, depending on the size of the file you are transferring.

mi mutual transfer

To stop the file transfer simply click again on the top left window and go to the offline mode: in this way the other devices will not be able to detect the disconnected PC.


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