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WiFi 7: the date of the announcement and the first details on the new standard

Il 7 WiFi it will be the next generation standard that we will see in devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets) next year. It was discussed yesterday during the presentation of MediaTek Dimensity 9000, that is the processor that until yesterday we knew as Dimensity 2000. MediaTek has announced its willingness to present the first solutions with support for the WiFi 7 wireless standard. Let's go and see the details.

During the presentation of MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and Filogic 130, 130A and 330P we talk about WiFi 7: here is the potential of the new standard

WiFi 7 offers speeds of data transfer 2.4 times higher compared to WiFi 6 e Wi-Fi 6E, according to James Chen, vice president of marketing. At the same time, significant “overclocking” of a wireless connection isn't the standard's only advantage. MediaTek intends to show technology in action a January next year at CES 2022.

wifi 7

WiFi 7 will allow you to minimize signal latency, which will have a positive effect on the gaming environment and the operation of applications that require an active exchange of information. In addition, the next generation networks will be less susceptible to interference, so even having a staggering number of access points nearby will not affect the performance of the router.

Despite the company's ambitious plans, WiFi Alliance states that the protocol is still in the early stages of standardization. There official launch date of the seventh generation of WiFi has not yet been announced, however MediaTek does not rule out that the implementation of the technology at the scale of consumer devices will begin in the second half of 2022 or 2023.

Through | PCMag


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