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WOLFANG GA120 – It costs less than €50 (but maybe it's worth even less)

For some time now the action camera market has become accessible to anyone, finding really low-cost products, often with technical features that make the product seem valid. Today we take into consideration the new Wolfang GA120, an action cam that boasts a dual display for shooting in VLOG mode, the possibility of immersion up to 40 meters, use of an external microphone for better audio, many accessories supplied including a remote control for remote photos and videos. I have already tried the brand's products and was satisfied, but will this new Wolfang GA120 have directed my opinion positively again? Let's find out in this review.

Obviously all considerations must be made in terms of price, which at the moment on Amazon Italy with Prime shipping and redeeming a coupon from the purchase page sees the price list of the Wolfang GA120 at around 48 euros. Starting from the set of accessories, the price is decidedly attractive, in fact in the sales package we find everything more, such as the case for immersion up to 40 meters, the remote control to start photos and videos remotely, if you place the action camera in points poco accessible. We also find two 1050 mAh batteries, the lavalier microphone with USB-C connection, the strap for the remote control and many accessories for attaching the action camera to the handlebars of bikes or motorbikes, to the car dashboard etc.. all of GoPro type. If you think that you spent less than €50, including shipping with Prime, and that everything arrives in a nice sealed package, it's almost incredible to think that someone even makes money from it.

Wolfang GA120 is the entry level of the action cameras proposed by the company which somewhere had to save money to offer a valid product at an economical price. Therefore the body is made up of plastic materials, which are not of the highest quality to the touch, but despite this, I personally have not found any creaking or bending of the materials. Indeed, for example, the battery compartment door is appreciable, which integrates a pressure spring for greater grip, therefore not the classic piece of plastic that you have to break a nail to open.

That the company wanted to save on materials can also be seen from the fact that on the left profile there is no protection whatsoever relating to the USB-C input for charging, the micro SD card input and the micro HDMI output for connection to external monitors. On the opposite side there are two buttons that are used to move within the menus but if held down, the upper one allows you to enable WiFi for connecting the companion app while the lower one is used to switch from the main display to the front one. Now, speaking of the display, the rear one can be read well in direct sunlight thanks also to a 2-inch surface, but it is not of the touch type and therefore to recall any action we would have to switch between the various menus every time, an inconvenience that in action phase could make you miss the decisive moment. There is also a small speaker to listen to the audio of what has been recorded, but the volume is definitely too low for real listening.

The front display is not huge nor too small, allowing a good view for recordings in VLOG mode, but in direct sunlight you will struggle not poco to see what you are really framing. Next to the selfie display you will find the lens whose technical specifications I don't know except that it has a 170° fisheye angle, while on the upper profile we find the OK button, precisely to confirm what has been selected but also allows you to start a recording or take a photo. Finally, another button is the on/off button as well as allowing access to the various menus and functions available.

Speaking of audio, a decidedly excellent thing is the possibility of using a lavalier microphone with USB-C connection to improve the audio captured by the internal microphone to a pro level, which offers a decidedly painful quality and weak volume. Unfortunately you have to remember to switch the microphone capture from internal to external from the appropriate menu, as it does not happen automatically.

Unfortunately, the lower profile reserves a nasty surprise, as we immediately notice the absence of an entrance for a 1/4" threaded screw, which will greatly limit us in using the camera. No selfie sticks, no mini tripods unless using the supplied cover. Fortunately, the battery, or rather the batteries (two are supplied) offer excellent autonomy, reaching over 1 and a half hours of recording in Full HD at 60 fps with wireless connectivity deactivated and the screen automatically turning off.

EIS digital stabilization is present and can be used up to 2.7K 30fps resolution, although it is advisable to record at 1080p 60 fps for greater fluidity than what was captured by the Wolfang GA120. In reality we can record up to 4K 30fps while taking photos at a 20 MP resolution. Among the functions available there is no shortage of Time Lapse, Slow Motion but also the Car Mode which effectively transforms the action camera into a dash cam but we also have the possibility, via connection to a PC, to use the action camera as a webcam .

Many beautiful things if it weren't for the fact that the processor used and the optical sensor, whose technical values ​​I don't know, show their side in every situation, returning saturated and sometimes mixed colours. We can also take photos, which needless to say return the same results as videos as if to hypothesize that the 20 megapixels offered by the Wolfag GA120 are not real but probably interpolated. Overall you can notice a blue color cast, especially in the sky.

As already mentioned, there is no shortage of 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity which will allow us to connect the action camera to the smartphone via a dedicated application, from which to act more conveniently with regards to settings and from which to download photos and videos directly onto the smartphone without going through the PC. For the rest, let's not expect miracles in low light conditions considering the results obtained in good light conditions also by acting on values ​​such as ISO, white balance, measurement mode, EV step and sharpness. The system menu also offers the Italian language but the translation is really approximate and I personally preferred to use it in English.


I would recommend the Wolfang GA120 to anyone who wants to give a gift to a first user, whether large or small, to introduce him to the Action Cam world and then, perhaps, move on to a better model, keeping this as a second or reserve cam, perhaps taking advantage of the many supplied accessories. You could also think of it as a webcam or dash cam alternative considering the functions offered. You might think about it in case of truly extreme use, in which you could encounter breakages or even loss of the cam. With a little editing and some color filters you could add the shot into a montage with even acceptable quality.

However, I would not recommend it to those looking for a minimum of real quality, because we have seen in other situations where with the same money or by investing a few euros more you can take home a better product in many respects. So if you are interested you can find the Wolfang GA120 directly on Amazon Italy with Italian guarantee and shipping from Italy via the Prime service.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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