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Wowstick 1F+ Precision Screwdriver 64 in 1 priority shipping included

The Wowstick 1F+, ecosystem Xiaomi, is a portable electric screwdriver that has earned a prominent place among DIY enthusiasts and industry professionals for its innovative features and convenience. This tool is designed to simplify a wide range of screwing and unscrewing tasks, providing a superior user experience.


  1. Stylish and Portable Design: The Wowstick 1F+ sports a slim, pen-like design, making it easy to carry and use. The aluminum alloy body makes the screwdriver lightweight but durable, suitable for long-time work without causing fatigue.
  2. Powerful and Adjustable Motor: Equipped with an electric motor that offers adjustable torque, the Wowstick 1F+ can be used on a variety of materials and components. This makes it ideal for precision work such as electronics assembly, model making, or small home repairs.
  3. Set of Interchangeable Tips: The screwdriver comes with a complete set of interchangeable bits of various sizes and types, making it extremely versatile. These drill bits are made of high quality steel to ensure durability and precision.
  4. Integrated rechargeable battery: A built-in rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting use without the need to frequently replace batteries. The screwdriver is equipped with a USB charging system, making it easy to charge wherever there is an available USB port.
  5. Integrated LED lighting: A useful feature of the Wowstick 1F+ is its LED lighting, which illuminates the work area. This is especially useful when working in low-light environments.
  6. Intuitive Control: The screwdriver offers intuitive control with a simple forward and reverse rotation mechanism, making it simple to switch between screwing and unscrewing.
  7. Versatile applications: Ideal for a variety of applications, from furniture assembly to working on electronic circuits, the Wowstick 1F+ is a popular choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.


The Wowstick 1F+ is more than just a screwdriver; it is a versatile tool that combines design, power and precision. Its ease of use, combined with its portability and range of functions, makes it a valuable ally for any DIY or repair project. With the Wowstick 1F+, users can expect an efficient and effortless screwdriving experience, suitable for a wide range of applications.


Wowstick 1F+ 64 in 1 Precision Electric Screwdriver

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