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10 wrong convictions on the battery of an android smartphone

A battery capacious is probably the most requested component when buying a smartphone. Many users do not know where to bang their heads, they ask themselves what are the rules to keep their device healthy. Unfortunately, the information circulating about 'how to charge a smartphone' tend to be confusing and often in conflict with each other. In this article we will see 10 wrong thoughts! Good reading guys!

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battery charging android smartphone

10 wrong thoughts about the battery


"The battery has a 'memory'".

You may have heard this suggestion from a friend: "get totally unloaded and then have it loaded up to 100% so the battery recalls its original capacity".

Pure mythology! Charging the device before the battery is completely discharged does not cause any damage. The "memory" effect occurred with old Ni-cad batteries. Today's modern lithium-ion batteries are not affected by complete cycles.


"The battery must be charged with the original charger." 

A fifty-fifty between truth and error. Some poor quality chargers can be hazardous to the health of a device. But that does not mean that you always need to use the original chargers.

You can use any USB charger, but its performance may vary. Example: A charger capable of delivering current to 2A will charge the battery faster than a charger from 1A.


"The phone battery will be damaged if it is charged overnight". 

Connecting a device to a charger before going to sleep is a common practice for many people. Can this damage the battery?

The answer is no. Today's smartphones are "smart" enough to automatically shut off the power input when the battery is fully charged, even if it is still connected.


"Do not use the phone while it is charging". 

Using the device while it is charging will not negatively affect the battery. Used or not, the battery will be charged as it should.

On the contrary, devices generally "work" while they are in charge. For example, to download software updates via Wi-Fi, or to synchronize data in their respective clouds. So do not be afraid to use the phone while it is charging.


"Do not turn off the phone while it is charging".

The phone's battery will not be damaged if the device is turned off. In fact, the charge gradually decreases when the device is switched off and not used for a long time. All in the norm, do not worry!


"The smartphone must be fully charged before use". 

Many people charge their device up to 100% before starting to use. This is not entirely a correct thought, charging completely does not bring any benefit.

In fact, the smartphone works optimally when you are between 40% and 80% charge. If you notice, most of the smartphones are only half filled by the manufacturer.


"Putting the battery to cool can prolong its life".

This thought was transmitted from the past, but a completely false idea. Especially modern lithium ion batteries can actually be damaged by excessive heat or cold.


"Do not surf the internet, in this way the battery drains faster".

Wrong. The most drastic activity is to play video games. It is also true that surfing the internet can have a considerable impact on battery capacity, depending on the type of content accessed. Viewing videos in YouTube, for example, reduces battery life faster than simply text content navigation.


"Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS to extend the duration".

These three features, even if turned on, are used only when a related application is running. For example, the GPS will be active when the user uses a mapping application. Turning on Bluetooh, GPS and Wi-Fi will not affect the overall capacity too much.


"'Kill all open applications in the task manager to extend the duration'".

We recommend closing apps that are left in the background. The Task Manager can be useful for monitoring running applications, but don't assume that closing these applications will help extend the lifespan.


I hope to be proved helpful! Leave your opinion below! 🙂



Kevin Nicola Crisanti

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5 years ago

I do not agree only with point 9…. It is true that wifi / BT / GPS are used only if an app does it, but how can you be sure that no app is doing it in the background, or even simply that it is opened by mistake by the user ... without counting the the fact that keeping the wifi on all the time while moving out of the house has security implications. So while it is true that by keeping them off there is no guarantee of extending the battery life in general it is a good practice that I recommend to everyone, saying it does not affect the battery is one way... Read the rest »


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