Xiaomi 12S Ultra coming with several new technologies: here are which ones

With a few days left before the official presentation of the Xiaomi 12S series scheduled for July 4th, the Chinese brand has begun to anticipate some of the features that we will find on the most premium device of all, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra; let's go and discover them together.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra coming with several new technologies: here are which ones

Let's start with the new heat dissipation system with “bionic design”. Similar to the principle of plant leaves, which opens a high-speed channel for photosynthesis and has 100% higher thermal conductivity than traditional VC plate.

To put it simply, still based on the VC cooling plates, this technology improves the circulation efficiency of the internal liquid, thus improving the efficiency of heat dissipation.

In addition to this new cooling system, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 itself also has good power consumption performance. In fact, at the Snapdragon Technology Summit, Wang Xiang praised the chipset, saying that the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 is by no means a simple half-generation upgrade, but a true new release. He further stated that Xiaomi and Qualcomm have been working together for several months and that the new chip has very good power consumption performance, achieving a double step forward in terms of performance and power consumption.

But it does not end there, because together with the new and powerful processor, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra also comes with an updated FBO storage technology used for the first time.

According to previous reports, the new FBO storage technology is supported by major flash memory brands such as Western Digital, Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix, Kioxia and Yangtze Memory.

At the same time, the technology has been recognized by JEDEC (International Semiconductor Industry Standardization Association) and has been included in the official specification of the UFS 4.0 next-generation flash memory standard.

It is also reported that Xiaomi FBO technology can effectively prevent the deterioration of the performance of phones after long-term use, and the read and write performance can be restored as new. After 4 years of simulated use, the read and write speed decreases by approximately 0%.

According to the long-term verification of Xiaomi's R&D engineers, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will have a reading speed of 1900 MB / s. After more than 4 years of simulated use, the read speed will drop to 400MB / s. While after restoring with FBO the reading speed returned to 1900 MB / s.

Finally, Xiaomi revealed that the 12S Ultra will use a second generation silicon-oxygen anodic battery. This type of battery is often used in new electric vehicles. Through the method of “doping silicon to supplement lithium”, lithium-rich silicon-oxygen materials on the nanoscale are added to the negative electrode of the battery.

According to reports, the use of this material eliminates the problems of low initial charge efficiency of silicon-carbon batteries and easy breakage and pulverization of silicon particles and solves the industry's problem of short cycle life of batteries at the silicon anode.

The brand also said the second-generation silicon-oxygen anode material offers four times the lithium-ion storage capacity of traditional lithium batteries.

Xiaomi previously launched the silicon and oxygen anode battery technology on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Ultra and has inserted a large battery with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh into its thin and light body. This shows that Xiaomi has made great progress in the core technology of lithium batteries.

In any case, as previously mentioned the Xiaomi 12S series will be officially released on July 4th. In addition to the new generation of Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processors, we will also see the first Leica optics on Xiaomi devices.

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