This is Xiaomi 13 Pro: photo and video preview

The arrival of Xiaomi 13 Pro it's around the corner. It is a matter of hours now since the device, along with the MIUI 14, will officially debut in China on December 1st. But what will the smartphone be like? If the company was planning to keep the design under wraps until tomorrow, well it has miscalculated with the Chinese leakers. Indeed, they have published preview photos and videos. Let's see what awaits us.

Photos and videos showing Xiaomi 13 Pro live are online. The material is really hot since it confirms the presence of MIUI 14

Although it is only the Pro model, we know that a base model with flat edges will also arrive, very similar to the iPhone 14. The two models will differ especially in this aspect. As we can see indeed, the The 13 Pro will come with slightly curved edges on all sides, while the standard will have a flat body. The camera block instead will be almost the same in the two models, with the exception of the sensors and their resolutions.

We remind you that the first rumors about the new processor are confirmed: it will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2. According to the vendor, it is 37% more productive than the previous generation chip, and the graphics accelerator has become the 42% faster than its predecessor. The company claimed that the smartphone is able to deliver practically stable 60 fps in Genshin Impact after half an hour of gameplay, while the temperature of the device's case does not exceed 43°C.

Combined with the high-end chip, high-speed LPDDR5X RAM and a UFS 4.0 drive will come to the Xiaomi 13 Pro. Also, in one of her posts, Lei Jun put a I compare the performance and autonomy of Xiaomi 13 with the current Apple flagship. Judging by the published data, the device is only 14% inferior to the iPhone 2 Pro in terms of computing power and surpasses the basic iPhone 14 by 10%. In terms of graphics performance, the superiority over the iPhone 14 Pro is 20% and in terms of autonomy by 1%.

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