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Xiaomi 14 shown in the first official teasers, details on the cameras also revealed

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, today published the first official teasers of its new flagship series, Xiaomi 14, revealing the design as well as some of the specifications of the series.

Xiaomi 14 shown in the first official teasers, details on the cameras also revealed

In particular, the founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, announced the details of the design of the Xiaomi 14 in a post on the social network Weibo. She explained that the engineering team hid the infrared in the rear camera area, changed the speaker opening to a hidden micro-slit design, and hid the top microphone in the earpiece area.

As we can see, it Xiaomi Mi 14 adopts a right angle frame design, with a screen size of 6,36 inches e 1,61 mm edges on three sides. The chin continues to narrow to 1,71mm, narrower than the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro and with a better visual appearance.

In addition to the design, Xiaomi has also revealed some technical specifications of the Mi 14, in particular those relating to the photographic sector. The device is equipped with Leica Summilux optical lens, the result of the collaboration between Xiaomi and Leica, which represents a turning point in extreme miniaturized optics.

The sensor of the Mi 14 has a ultra-large size of 1/1,31 inch, with a single pixel of 1,2 μm and four in one reaching 2,4 μm. It is equipped with new technology dual native ISO Fusion Max to achieve native ultra-high dynamics. Lei Jun pointed out that the Xiaomi 14's flagship optical system makes light capture and light control possible.

Furthermore, the entire 14 series is equipped with a 75mm floating telephoto lens, with a large focus range from 10cm to infinity, which is a portrait lens and close-up expert.

Lei Jun said that: “the 75mm floating telephoto lens it is particularly good at taking long-distance close-ups. The 13 Pro was very popular after its first release, exceeding our expectations. This time we are determined to bring it to the standard version."

The 75mm floating telephoto lens is inspired by the lens structure of professional cameras and adopts a unique floating lens group design. The lens is divided into two groups and can be moved internally, so that the focus range goes from 10cm to infinity, allowing you to shoot both from far away and up close. This technology derives from reflex cameras. When shooting distant views, the floating focus module will move forward to reach the infinite focus distance; when taking close-ups, the focus module will move backwards and the minimum focusing distance will be 10cm.

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