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Are you wondering if Xiaomi 15 Ultra will arrive? There is an official answer

With a visionary approach and dedication to creating devices that combine quality, innovation and accessibility, Xiaomi has quickly established itself as one of the protagonists of the global mobile market. Today, while the Chinese giant continues to amaze with its cutting-edge products, technology enthusiasts eagerly await the next top-of-the-range device: the Xiaomi 15Ultra.

Xiaomi 15 Ultra appears officially for the first time

While the company is engaged in the development of the Xiaomi 15 and Pro models, has already started working on the Ultra version, which promises to exceed the expectations of technology enthusiasts. Curiosity is sky high: what new features will the Xiaomi 15 Ultra introduce compared to its predecessor, the 14 Ultra?

Recently, the Xiaomi 15 Ultra was spotted in the IMEI database with three different model numbers: 25010PN30C, 25010PN30G e 25010PN30I. The first refers to the Chinese version of the device, while the other two indicate the global and Indian models respectively.

In fact, although it may seem premature to talk about the Xiaomi 15 Ultra, the company has plans to launch both the base and Ultra models on the global market, unlike the 15 Pro, which will remain exclusive for the Chinese market, retracing the strategy adopted with the 14 Pro model.

The code “2501” at the beginning of the model number suggests January 2025 as a production period, but we expect the new Xiaomi 15 series to be officially presented at the Mobile World Congress in February 2025.

Rumors suggest that the new Xiaomi smartphone will be equipped with a latest generation Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen4, capable of extraordinary performances. Furthermore, a cutting-edge photographic department, capable of capturing breathtaking images and elevating user experience to a new level. There's no point in talking about final specs, release dates, and pricing – it's premature and any information can't be verified.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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