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Xiaomi's 200W charging will arrive next year, probably on Mi 12 Ultra

Over the past couple of years, Xiaomi's exploration of smartphone charging technology has been very radical, breaking the world record many times and with the 120W fast charging of its mass-produced models still being the best charging technology in the world. world.

Xiaomi's 200W charging will arrive next year, probably on Mi 12 Ultra

Xiaomi 120W fast charging

Despite this, Xiaomi never stopped. In May of this year, it officially announced a modified version of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, which broke two fast-charging world records in one fell swoop.

Among them, the wired charging power has reached 200W, making it only takes 8 minutes to recharge the smartphone to 100%, bringing wired charging to the 10-minute era for the first time. At the same time, it also achieves 120W ultra-fast wireless flash charging, which can charge to 100% in 15 minutes. In this case, wireless mode broke the 100-watt ceiling for the first time, even surpassing the wired fast charging speeds of many flagships. Unfortunately, the Xiaomi executives did not disclose the timing of the mass production of these two fast charging methods.

Well, today some Chinese bloggers unveiled new details about Xiaomi's plans for this technology. Specifically, they stated that the 200W wired fast charging will debut around June next year.

Following Xiaomi's timing, this means that the first smartphone with 200W wired fast charging could be a more premium version of the Xiaomi Mi 12, with the name of Mi 12 Ultra. This will also become the fastest-charging mass-produced smartphone on the market.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi has also officially introduced new security technologies with its fast charging. The brand said the new fast charging technology provides up to 40 protective and active measures from the end of the charger to the motherboard and the end of the battery. These protective measures mainly concern factors such as charging temperature, charging voltage, charging current and the entire charging protocol.

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