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We talked about it in June: a Xiaomi monitor from 27 ″ it would be out by the end of the year. Indeed it is, albeit in China for the moment. The Chinese company that has from poco the release of Xiaomi 12 for the end of the year, it also announced a new product aimed at gamers who love PC, but not only. This is a gaming monitor with diagonal 27 " but the main feature is another: this is the first Xiaomi monitor with resolution 4K. The exit is scheduled for 4th December next in China. But let's see the other features of the device.

The first Xiaomi monitor with 4K resolution is coming to China. We have the first key specs of the 27 ″ gaming monitor

Second as revealed today from the company, the Xiaomi monitor with 4K resolution and with a 27 ″ diagonal it will be released this week. In terms of specifications, we know for the moment poco. But one thing is certain: its build quality and performance are at high levels. The first teaser talks about a device capable of covering the 99% Adobe RGB and DCI-P3 color profiles. As a result, the quality of colors and resolution will be at very high levels. From the presentation image we understand that it will not be a curved display, but a flat one.

xiaomi 4k 27 "monitor: photos and key specs

This device will be a display from minimal frames with a slim but sturdy profile, in full Xiaomi style. It has not yet been officially reported, but in the coming days we may know of other specifications. We hope that the monitor can count on compatibility Dolby Vision and HDR10 +. We are quite confident that this Xiaomi 4K monitor will also arrive in version Overseas hubs, So as did the previous 27 ″ monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. As we said, the device will debut in China on December 4th and therefore, from today to three days, we will know something more about it.

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