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Xiaomi has officially confirmed it: say goodbye to these screens for the next smartphones

Xiaomi, known to all for its innovative approach, has announced a significant turning point: theabandonment of LCD screens in its flagship devices. This decision, which will probably mainly involve the popular Redmi Note and K series (for China), could easily rdefine industry standards for mid-range and high-end smartphones.

Xiaomi: official farewell to LCD screens. Here's the reason

Previously Xiaomi had announced goodbye to LCD screens, while announcing a fruitful collaboration with the Chinese company Lumilan. But why this change? Ethan Zhang Yu, a Redmi executive, explained on social media that the transition to AMOLED screens is driven by pursuit of visual excellence. While some users still like LCDs, he points out that the benefits of AMOLEDs (vivid colors, superior contrast and deep blacks) are simply too significant to ignore.

This move is reminiscent of the shift from analogue to digital in the photography industry – a change that was initially controversial, but ultimately led to a clear improvement in image quality. Likewise, Xiaomi is betting that the benefits of AMOLED will soon overcome the concerns of LCD aficionados.

Xiaomi 14Ultra

It is worth remembering that 4 years ago Xiaomi chose to use LCD screens instead for a series of smartphones. The reason, however, was certainly not the visual quality. Of course, there is the risk of a slight price increase. But in a market where consumers are increasingly attentive to the quality of the viewing experience, this could prove to be a winning move. Xiaomi seems to have understood that the public is willing to invest a little more for a premium experience.

The challenge now is to maintain that balance between quality and accessibility that has made Xiaomi a beloved brand. How will the competitors react? We will witness a raceAMOLED even in the lower price ranges? It remains to be seen how other companies such as Realme and OnePlus will move, which also offer mid-range devices.

Gianluca Cobucci
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