Xiaomi Air 2 Review - The TWS earphones I was waiting for

After the previous "attempts" of Xiaomi with the AirDots, first true wireless earphones from Xiaomi, followed by the Air (or Airdots pro) and le Redmi Airdots, Xiaomi tries again with a model that on paper seems to have everything to conquer the market: le Xiaomi Air 2

Xiaomi Air 2 - Design

Change the factor of the recharge box: more flattened, smaller (4.9 x 4.8 x 2.5), light (50g including earphones). Definitely more comfortable to keep in your pocket although I preferred the rounded ones of the previous series to the angular shapes of this version. The plastic used seems a little cheap but fortunately the earphones are made with better materials. Both the closing flap and the earphone housing they are magnetic and keep the elements well secured during transport.

Xiaomi Air 2 tws

The built-in battery guarantees over two earphone recharges so that they can extend theautonomy from 4 to 14 hours. Both the box and the earphones recharge about 1 now.

In the case the recharge is entrusted to one USB type-c socket (cable supplied) which is a bit antiquated compared to wireless charging now also present in many "very cheap" clones. Certainly it will be convenient for those who have not yet arrived at this technology.

As in the previous model, there is no missing one status LED which signals connection (white) or low battery (red). We also find the side button that deals with the pairing (holding it down when the case is open) or the interrogation of the charge (one click).

Also for the earphones we find a new semi in-ear design: more classic and very similar to Apple AirPods if it weren't for the rather thick bar to accommodate a battery that guarantees good autonomy. Although of traits of a very subjective opinion, I appreciated the abandonment of the in-ear factor that I find inconvenient in prolonged use and excessively excludes external noise.

The Xiaomi Air 2 proved to be comfortable and always stable even during the race. In my treadmill sessions, I never risked losing it even in 11 km / h sections. They are easily extracted without activating the gestures accidentally and the proximity sensor facing inwards, automatically stops playing tracks. The comfort is such (at least for my ears) that I happened to forget them more than once!

Xiaomi Air 2 - Audio quality

Compared to the previous model, which was also excellent in terms of audio quality, Xiaomi Air 2 received a decent upgrade.

They use an 14,2 mm movable diaphragm coil that returns a very powerful sound with rich, full bass and clear, crisp highs. The adoption then of the 5 bluetooth.0 has contributed to quality improvement. The codecs available are SBC, AAC (the one tested in this review) and the innovative lHDC that promises the real leap in quality, comparable to wired headphones, but currently available on a few phones (Mi9 Pro).

The real step forward I detected during phone calls that, thanks to the double microphone and noise reduction, allow one satisfying conversation: the delay of the entry is minimal and the ambient noises, provided they are within certain limits, are very well filtered.

In the lower part we find the lower we find the two magnetic pins for charging and the main microphone. In the upper part there is the microphone useful for the active cancellation of environmental noise


At the time of writing, the product is shipped with the software version which has much worse performance than described. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to v. See chapter Software.

Xiaomi Air 2 - Software and Gestures

There is no shortage of comfortable gestures to give commands to the earphones but which are limited to double taps limiting the combinations.

In mode Binaural, the double tap allows to answer / interrupt phone calls or, while listening to music, is interpreted as play / pause. Through the accompanying software it is possible to customize this setting by adding the "previous / next track" command to one of the earphones. At rest, double tap on the left earpiece, start the voice assistant (eg Google).

It's possible use the earphones individually, but in monoaural mode any customizations will be ignored with the double tap you can only send the pause / play beyond obviously answering / interrupting the phone calls. It will not be possible to start the voice assistant, which is rather absurd, which we hope will only be a bug to solve.

As in the previous model there is a proximity sensor that automatically starts or stops the music when we wear one of the earphones.

Actually there would also be interaction with the assistant to manage the earphones XiaoAI who is able to interpret many other commands ... in Chinese atamente Fortunately, at least for i audio feedback sounds were preferred instead of a Chinese voice.

Another small novelty of the new Xiaomi Air 2 the popup that appears when the case is opened and that, in the style of Apple, shows the separate charge status for the 3 items: left, right earpiece and charging box.

Xiaomi Air 2 TWS Airdots

To have this little news however, the application must be installed Xiao Ai Lite App. The app is completely in Chinese but it is worth the effort because in addition to supporting the popup (which instead is in Italian), it will allow you to customize the gestures and above all update the earphones' firmware. Once this is done, you will no longer need to use it and just leave it installed.

You can use google's translator to find your way from another phone. Alternatively, I leave you some screenshots already translated:

Xiaomi Air 2 - Conclusions

The Xiaomi Air 2 are a decisive step forward compared to the previous model, from all points of view. Overall, they are comfortable, reliable and average performing headphones. Excluding the integration of the software into Chinese, I did not detect any particular critical points and this week of use ran without problems, allowing me to fully enjoy the product.

Considered the reasonable price (55 € / 60 € approx.) Is a product that can be appreciated both in the low and medium consumer range and that it does not disappoint.

Xiaomi Air 2 - Offers

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7.8 Total score
Xiaomi Air 2

The Xiaomi Air 2 are a valid product: comfortable, work well and offer good audio quality for both music and phone calls.

Value for money
Functions (Gesture, etc.)
Reliability (commands, pairing, etc.)
  • Comfort
  • Musical performance
  • Quality in conversation
  • Price
  • Earphone design
  • App companion in Chinese
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9 months ago

Too bad that, with the Global version it has become practically impossible to update the firmware ... as the China application no longer sees them. In short, a rip off, I would like to understand how to launch a Global product that is nothing more than the "limited" version of the China one. I was stupid to buy them on launch day (30/03) if I had known this before I would have taken them Chinese, at least I saved and I could update them. Bah… what a disappointment.

9 months ago
Reply to  Savior

Exactly the same thing happened to me

Matheos Henrique
Matheos Henrique
10 months ago

Pra quem não tem Xiaomi (?), Achei um link do download do App para Android (https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-xiaoai-lite-multi-language-english-t4026453). Get atualizar o fone, mudar as config de 2 toques (avançar / retroceder) and fora saber a carga de ambos.

Cristian Martina
11 months ago

Excellent earphones. I moved on to this after using Redmi Airdots for months.
I don't like inears so I prefer them.
They translated the application into English at least in part (work of an Italian) because the gesture section is missing.
I hope that soon it will be translated into Italian completely and that maybe they will make a nice mod to the mifit mod +.
A pity that you cannot choose as a google assistant.
It would be nice to be able to customize voice commands too, learning those words in Chinese just can't. 😀

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