Xiaomi AirDots, the first problems for wireless headsets, but here's a solution

When it comes to wireless headsets, the emblazoned voices immediately come to mind Apple AirPods, whose quality and design are undeniable. And so Lei Jun's OEM about a month ago presented her version of this audio gadget, i Xiaomi AirDots, marked by a fierce price of about 25 euros in China, Bluetooth 5.0 and a minimal look that has nothing to envy. During Black Friday, the AirDots have depopulated just because they were offered at the ridiculous price they are sold in China and at the moment it becomes difficult to find them but maybe some of you managed to grab them and maybe have already received them. Well that you are among the lucky owners or you are still waiting for them, know that you may have some difficulty using the two earphones at the same time.

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Yeah, just like that, you could run into this problem but fortunately on the net are already available guides that solve the problem in a defined way and then we propose again so that you can enjoy your new Xiaomi AirDots at the same time.

In practice the problem concerns the operation in stereo, as it could occur loss of pairing between the two wireless headphones and the smartphone, due to prolonged use of a single driver or when one of the two earphones is completely discharged. But do not worry let's see how to solve the problem of the Xiaomi AirDots, in a few simple steps.

Xiaomi AirDots, the first problems for wireless headsets, but here's a solution


First you have to remove one of the two earphones from the case, leaving the other one inserted in its housing.


At this point the newly-picked headset will automatically turn on. Switch it off by pressing the touch area for a long time.


Continue to hold for 30 seconds, until you see the red light come on a second time.


Now take the second headset out of the case and repeat the 1,2 and 3 steps of the guide.


Once you have finished the steps on the second headset, you must insert them both in the charging case and leave them for 5 seconds.

You have finished, and then you can finally enjoy the stereo mode as the Xiaomi AirDots will be perfectly synchronized. A note should be made however about the connection with the smartphone, as they will be recognized as ONLY MI DOTS R, but apart from this the earphones will work in stereo mode.

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I think the only major flaw of the AirDots is precisely this problem of non-functioning in stereo headphones. The guide works, but unfortunately does not solve the problem definitively. In case, after following all the steps, you continue to use only one headset for a few minutes, rather than both (and then holding the other in the case), the headphones will lose their connection in stereo again and the other will not work. The smartphone will continue to recognize two separate and separate headphones: one left and the other right. For the rest I did not notice other big problems.... Read the rest »

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