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Xiaomi announces the number of Mi3 coming on the Indian market

Xiaomi up to this point has mysteriously kept silent about the number of devices sold in the first two sales rounds in India. Unofficial estimates speak of poco less than 20000 units (20), but no confirmation from the company.

In any case, Lei Jun & co. they surprised us this time by communicating in advance the number of Xiaomi Mi3 arriving for the third sales batch, organized for next August 5th. The price is always the same, i.e. 13999 rupees (about 171 euros), the number of units is instead 15000 (15 thousand).

The first round, organized for the last 22 July, took about forty minutes before running out. The second instead, according to what Xiaomi said, only 5 seconds, leaving in total disappointment the many Mi-fans in India. The decision to release the next 5 August 15 thousand units on the market was probably based on the two previous matches. We hope that our Indian friends will have a little luck this time!

A little incongruity: the recordings for August 5 are already over 100000. Who will be able to win the 'ex top Xiaomi range?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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