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Xiaomi designs new AR glasses, but for QR Code payments

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By now, Lei Jun's company has become a pioneer of technology. One of the products Xiaomi is thinking about are AR glasses capable of pay by scanning QR Code. A formula that would seem trivial but that in reality would simplify la "vita" of buyers and not poco. Let's see how it works in the patent we found.

Xiaomi's new patent shows AR glasses capable of making payments via QR

We became aware of it through the CNIPA of the publication of the patent application by Xiaomi concerning a "payment method for AR glasses, device, AR glasses, media and program products“. As we said, Xiaomi is designing, at least ideally, AR glasses that allow you to make purchases and payments via QR Code

xiaomi ar glasses for qr payment
Abstract translated with Google Translate from Chinese | Source CNIPA official site

How do AR glasses work?

According to information provided by the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent describes a system that uses AR glasses to make payments. In particular, the image capture device placed on the AR glasses captures the image of the surrounding environment, extracting a two-dimensional code of the recipient from the scenario. Next, an operation is performed two-dimensional code recognition, generating an identity verification statement. After verified the user's identity, a payment instruction is sent to the server to make the payment. The goal of this system is to improve the user experience in the payment process through AR glasses.

xiaomi ar glasses for qr payment
Operation of the Xiaomi AR glasses

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The introduction of AR glasses that read QR codes for payments may be important for several reasons:

  1. Greater convenience and speed: Using AR glasses to make payments can make the shopping experience more convenient and faster, as users no longer have to take out their smartphone or wallet to make a payment.
  2. Improved of the user experience: Using advanced technologies such as AR glasses to make payments can improve the user experience and make purchasing easier and more intuitive.
  3. Reduction of physical contact: At a time when hygiene and safety have become a priority for many people, using AR glasses to make payments can reduce physical contact between users and payment devices, helping to prevent the spread of disease.
  4. Technological innovation: the introduction of AR glasses to make payments represents a further technological innovation in the field of digital payments, showing how technology can be used to improve users' daily lives and simplify the purchasing process.
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