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Xiaomi establishes itself in the autonomous driving sector with a second place at the CVPR

In the rapidly evolving world of autonomous driving, Xiaomi made a significant leap, taking second place in the autonomous driving challenge without map at CVPR 2024 artificial intelligence conference. This milestone not only represents global recognition for Xiaomi, but also marks a historic moment for the company, which has recently expanded its horizons by entering the automotive industry.

Xiaomi establishes itself in the autonomous driving sector with a second place at the CVPR

Xiaomi autonomous driving

The competition, which attracted hundreds of teams from more than ten countries, was a battleground for tech giants and AI luminaries. Xiaomi, in collaboration with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, proposed a new method for understanding road topology, thus demonstrating its level of research through mass production.

Xiaomi's success was even more remarkable considering that it surpassed well-known Tier 1 manufacturer Bosch, which ranked fourth. The top three spots were dominated by Chinese players, signaling the rise of new players in the autonomous driving industry.

Xiaomi autonomous driving

The CVPR autonomous driving challenge has become a tradition, with a series of competitions taking place before and after the conference. This year, the challenge included seven tracks, including end-to-end autonomous driving, world models, motion prediction with occupancy networks and optical flow, embedded intelligent multimodal visual positioning, CARLA autonomous driving challenge, application of LLM in autonomous driving and autonomous driving without map.

CVPR organizers highlighted the revolutionary potential of LLM models and global models for autonomous driving. Explainable end-to-end models, capable of understanding the world and generating scenarios that have never actually been visited, are seen as the future of the industry. The decision to split the competition into seven tracks aims to promote innovation beyond the current boundaries of perception, prediction and regulation.

The recognition obtained by Xiaomi is a clear signal that the company is on the right path to becoming a leader in the field of autonomous driving.

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