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Xiaomi brings WiFi 6 to the Global market which also covers your neighbor's house!

Last February Xiaomi introduced a WiFi 6 router globally, very cheap and just as fast. However, it was a "simple" product, which could not rely on Mesh technology. Today, however, the giant has decided to present Global lo on the market Xiaomi AX3000 NE, that is, a Mesh system equipped with ultra-fast WiFi 6 and with a scary signal extension. Here are the details.

Xiaomi AX3000 NE: Global the new Mesh WiFi 6 system

The Chinese giant has decided to expand its range of systems Mesh with the introduction of Xiaomi AX3000 NE, a model that brings the success of the Chinese version to the global market. This device is designed for broad coverage areas up to 600 square meters, making it perfect not only for large homes, but also for offices and commercial environments that need a reliable and powerful connection.

Users can choose between several configuration options: the single device for those who have less extensive spaces oi packs of three units for even more capillary coverage. A big advantage of the AX3000 NE is the tech NFC integrated, which facilitates network access for new users, making connectivity a breeze.

Xiaomi AX3000 is white in colour

Supporting the WiFi 6 standard, this mesh system offers connection speeds of up to 3.000 Mbps, using 2,4 GHz bands e 5 GHz. This feature ensures optimal performance, even when managing multiple devices simultaneously. The four Gigabit LAN ports present on the device allow rapid data transfer and simultaneous management of multiple wired connections, a fundamental aspect for those with complex network needs.

System configuration and monitoring are made simple thanks to an intuitive application, designed to be user-friendly even for those who are not tech savvy. However, at the moment, Xiaomi has not yet released detailed information about prices e availability of the AX3000 NE for the global market, leaving everyone waiting for further updates.

Gianluca Cobucci
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