How to backup, transfer and restore data with MIUI

The beloved rom MIUI, present on smartphones and tablets Xiaomi, allows you to back up data on your servers. Performing this procedure in fact allows you to restore the device in your possession in case of need. If you buy a new one, you can transfer your "old" data, and settings (and even your favorite apps) on the new smartphone Android: without effort and with very few steps.

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Now we're going to see how to backup the devices Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi Backup, transfer and restore data in just a few steps

We Cloud

We Cloud allows you to access photos, contacts, messages, call log and more. With the storage mechanisms provided, all received data is encrypted and placed within the Cloud storage. In addition, the authentication of your Xiaomi account to the Mi Cloud consists of two steps, so as to protect as much as possible access to your information. The privacy and security of your content is really important for the Chinese leading company.

Here's how to start the backup on the old device

You can use your account We Cloud to transfer contacts, notes, settings, images, WiFi settings and other content from your previous Android devices to your new device.

Here's how to restore the backup on the new device

Local backup

Another way to perform data backup is the local backup, an innate function in the MIUI.
Go in settings / additional settings / backup and once saved, copy the newly created folder containing all your data to the new phone. This folder can be found by following this path in the MIUI / Backup / Allbackup file explorer.

We Mover

La MIUI never ceases to amaze ... here We Mover, the app designed for all users who want to transfer the backup between smartphones with simply 2 click.

Here is a diagram that shows you how to perform the transfer:

[On device 'A', SENDER]
1. Launch the Mi Mover app. (Or go to Settings-> Additional Settings-> Mi Mover)
2. Click on "I am a Sender" and a QR code scanner will open in response.

[On the "B" device, RECEIVER]
1. Launch the Mi Mover app. (Or go to Settings-> Additional Settings-> Mi Mover)
2. In another find the voice, 'I'm a Receipent', click on it. Then you will be generated a QR code to scan with device A.

What can be transferred with this app?

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Chat
  • Photo
  • Music
  • Video
  • E-MAIL
  • Notes
  • Settings
  • Third-party APP data
  • Layout of your home

It's all for today's dear MIUIers. Do not forget to share the guide with the keys located below, always if you liked it. Greetings from the staff of Xiaomitoday, see you soon!


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Ciro Mancì

Is it possible to transfer the backup (applications, notes, photos, etc.) of a Xiaomi device to another android terminal?

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Sure. The Mi Mover app is on the playstore

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Apps können übertragen werden. Was ist den App-Einstellungen und App-Daten? Die Backup-Lösung eines anderen grossen Herstellers (h ...... ..) beherrscht dies problemlos .. - ​​The Italian n.1 community for Xiaomi products
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