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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review, technical sheet and price

After each launch announcement, the Xiaomi fitness tracker, or the Mi Band series, arouses not a few enthusiasm from the fans of the Asian brand. We have reached the seventh generation, where we lose the MI suffix (it is not called Mi Band 7 therefore), but actually net of some improvements compared to the sixth generation, Xiaomi Band 7 he also loses more. However, I do not want to be critical immediately and therefore I invite you to read this review, where you can find out whether to make the generational leap or whether to remain anchored to what you already have.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 7: is it really worth it?

As we said in the preface, Xiaomi Band 7 introduces some new albeit not so considerable. In fact, I immediately want to not give you false hope and tell you that the wearable in question has no support for Alexa nor dictate messages to the voice assistant, since there is neither a microphone hole nor any speaker for audio feedback of the any command given.

But above all once again we do not find an integrated GPS nor the sensor NFC for wrist payments: a step back from Xiaomi Band 6 which instead offers this possibility with the NFC edition. That said Xiaomi Band 7 it is very similar in general shape compared to the previous generation, so much so that the straps, although not exactly 100% compatible, fit in such a way that the seventh generation capsule does not dance and does not run away.


The original strap is the classic we have been accustomed to for several generations, making it soft and comfortable to wear even in conditions of intense sweating, thanks to the TPU material with an aluminum alloy closure button. Same bad habits, however, regarding the closure system, where the terminal part remains slightly raised compared to the rest of the bracelet with the risk that it can hook to something and therefore untie, indeed it often releases itself as a result of more excited movements.

Mi Band 7 display

One of the novelties that immediately catches the eye is the renewed AMOLED display which in addition to being brighter (in fact we arrive at 500 nits), it is also slightly larger, leading to a diagonal of 1,62 inches, with resolution from 192 490 pixels x and 326 PPI, protected by a tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coatings. This was achieved thanks to a better optimization of the frames which allowed an increase in the area with which to interact and on which to read the information, keeping the final dimensions of the product almost unchanged.

The automatic adjustment of the backlight is missing but the increase in brightness means that the readability under direct sunlight is quite enjoyable, at least at the maximum level of intensity that you will not even have to manage for the night hours since through the app you can set the night mode, which can be set at a precise time or based on the twilight time, which in fact decreases the backlighting of the screen to a minimum, thus avoiding annoying "flashes" during the night, as well as setting the wrist gesture lock to revive the display. The function of theAlways On Display, although it results in conditions of direct sunlight, rather useless as poco sparkly.

Pleasant news also for the native watchfaces, which now go to over 100, complete with the possibility of customization with a background photo even if what was most pleasant is that among the basic ones we find some that are customizable in terms of information displayed, as well as animated, standing out precisely for a viewing area 25% larger than Mi Band 6. Speaking of watchface, a Super Wallpaper-style theme of the planet Mars is introduced, cute and unique of its kind.

Mi Band 7 autonomy

On Xiaomi Mi Band 7 the charging system is confirmed through a cable with magnetic attachment, which avoids us removing the capsule from the strap. The magnet used, however, is really full-bodied in the socket, thus avoiding to disengage even if we move the capsule during the charging phase.

In this regard, the capacity of the battery that passes to is also increased 180 mAh, a unit that, according to the company, should guarantee at least 14 days of use on a single charge. In reality, by keeping all possible monitoring and AOD function active, you get to 4 days, while you get to a full week by calibrating some settings. Of course, the autonomy values ​​are completely variable based on the individual settings chosen and use made, for example I could save something by eliminating the receipt of some notification, or by decreasing the illumination of the display etc ..


Probably the decline in autonomy compared to the excellent results of past generations is also due to the fact that Xiaomi Smart Band 7 allows you to monitor multiple parameters: in fact we find the PAI value but also the stress level monitoring, while the function that allows the monitoring of the menstrual cycle, also providing reminders either via app or directly on the band itself. But above all, the possibility of monitoring the SpO2 value continuously just like heart rate.

Mi Band 7

A step forward was also made with regard to sports monitoring, which now on Mi Band 7 reaches a total of 110 sport I respect the 30 of the sixth generation. But be careful, as the sports that have dedicated metrics are always the same and therefore for all the others we will have basic parameters, having only the possibility of having a sort of labels to distinguish the activity carried out.

Marketing operation that other manufacturers also do so I do not blame the Xiaomi brand completely. However, we have the ability to automatically detect 5 sports, alerting you on the display and via vibration to activate the recording of physical activity, including: outdoor running, walking, treadmill, elliptical and rowing machine. However, the possibility of monitoring water sports such as swimming in the pool is also maintained, collecting information such as strokes and the lotus pace, considering a resistance certification up to 5 ATM.

Excellent is the fact that during a training phase the display always remains on, so as to always have an eye on the monitored parameters. Personally I am not a great sportsman, but in my test phase I was able to detect a better precision in the detection of the values ​​of the various activities, as well as a better precision in the step count and heart rate detection, which, moreover, can be calibrated with cadence. 1 minute.

Mi Band 7

Therefore, the pillars of the case remain such as sleep detection (also improved in terms of data accuracy), with a beta function of the quality of breathing during sleep, the ability to view the weather as well as control the music (not only native player but also Youtube and Spotify etc ..) but the greatest effort has always been made in the sports field, integrating monitoring values ​​such as VO2 max that is the oxygen consumption during a given activity indicator of the aerobic capacity of our body, the training effect, the training load and the recovery time. We also have the relaxation mode (a function that through the coordination of the breath will allow us to relax the tension of our body).

Of course we have a way to view the notifications of the app on smartphones directly on the display of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, which can be viewed individually even if by the same sender and on the same app. We cannot interact in any way and we cannot yet view the emojis, at least not completely, but above all a step back from the past is that they are not "synchronized" with the phone and therefore if we delete them once they have been read by the band, the operation it will not be as replicated on the smartphone.

We can of course receive the reminder of incoming calls on the smartphone, changing the notification or hanging up directly from the band, but we can also send a message (sending SMS from the smartphone) with personalized answers. Finally, we can also receive the reminder for sedentary lifestyle, take advantage of the stopwatch or timer function and finally set several alarms directly from the Smart Band 7, avoiding going through the companion app which in this regard is called Mi Fitness.

The user interface of the wearable has been redesigned to expand the general visual comfort, in consideration of the increase in the display, although the touch in my opinion is still too lazy, because no matter how much the size has increased, the reality is that it is still a small display. Returning to the app, you connect via a Bluetooth 5.2, but I do not add anything else than in the past as we now know the features by heart and the news of the case we have listed and will continue to do so, in our blog.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 Smart Watch, 1.62'' AMOLED Screen, Sleep Tracker, VO2max, Heart Rate, SpO2, 5 ATM Water Resistance, 120+ Sports Modes, 14 Days Battery Life
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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 review, technical sheet and price
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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Price and Conclusions

It seems that this new generation of Mi Band has focused more on the sporty aspect, leaving out the smart one. I reiterate that the functions and the display begin to stay close to this type of wearable, which, although it is valid in some respects and reliable in the data collected, will never compete with a smartwatch. The absence of GPS and NFC in my opinion weighs like a boulder, especially if we think of the list price equal to 59,99 € when at 10 euros less we find the Mi Band 6 NFC.

For all those who want to get closer to the world of smartbands, the purchase is highly recommended, as long as you contact stores like that currently offer this device for around 38 euros. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 does everything that is expected from such a gadget and also offers something more at a very competitive price, but above all everything it does it does in an excellent way.

7.9 Total score

Xiaomi Smart Band 7, unfortunately, does not seem to have anything different to say compared to the many devices that populate the economic range of wearables. Indeed the absence of GPS and NFC overshadows it to the same devices of the company such as Mi Band 6 NFC and Redmi Watch 2 Lite, both sold at lower prices (list).

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Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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1 year ago

I've been keeping it on my wrist for two weeks, never charged, 24% remaining battery, keeping everything to a minimum. Know that in treadmill mode it also does the calibration of the steps at the end of the workout and it is already worth all the price being low-end. However it is the very first fitness tracker and very first Chinese. Fulfilled. I have the same Watch face as the image above 😁😆