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Xiaomi Blasoul Y720, the gaming mouse with a fierce soul

That Xiaomi was interested in the gaming world in a sense, we had already unveiled it about 3 years ago with thepurchase of a gaming house and recently with the development of a game, but from today it sets the stage for approaching millions of users who daily spend their time in front of their PC or notebook screens trying to be the undisputed king of gaming. It does not matter what genre the game takes, but no doubt what makes the difference (apart from the PC hardware) it's a good mechanical keyboard and an excellent mouse, as natural extensions of their hands. I state that I am not a gamer and my maximum I lived with the advent of Fruit Ninja, but Xiaomi certainly understands so much to offer its users the Xiaomi Blasoul Y720, a professional gaming mouse at the price of 499 yuan, about 64 euro.

The Blasoul mouse offers the possibility to configure 5 modes of custom settings related to DPI coming up to one maximum of 12000 all enriched by the classic tamarrata of these devices intended for the gaming world, ie a logo and the main profiles able to light up with 31 LED able to reproduce 16,8 million colors combining with each other in RGB mode. Streaming is supported naturally while lmechanical friction of the Blasoul mouse is the Omron brand, an industry leader offering in this case a duration of 20 millions of clicks and very fast response times.

The optical sensor is the PMW3360 model with the possibility of resolution up to 12000 dpi and accuracy in movement up to 0,1 mm, with zero latency. The 32 bit mother chip at 48 MHz guarantees a response time of 1 ms exploiting also the 5 DPI preset mode (800 / 1600 / 4000 / 6400 / 12000) spacing between them at all times without loss of speed. Ergonomic design and non-slip profiles that guarantee stability and fluidity of movement during game sessions. If this is not enough to convince you, know that the Xiaomi Blasoul mouse design has already won the RedDot Design Award as the best answer to the needs of the right hand.

On both sides of the mouse the touch is comfortable as it is used a mix of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and ABS  while the upper part (the one in contact with the hand) is of type Babyface, that is a leather effect resistant against dirt and sweat. The perfect fusion of the materials used means that Xiaomi's Blasoul mouse does not report any creaking. The bottom of the mouse is designed with a grid structure, with the presence of the red switch button, four Teflon adhesive feet. Finally the wired cable which is covered by woven fabric and therefore anti knot and of length of approximately 1,8 meters. That said profane (and therefore I apologize if I may have written and / or said some castroneria) of the gaming I can not tell you anything but that reading the first testimonies (in Chinese), the gaming mouse Blasoul Y720 is able to overturn the monopoly of the most famous brands and known in this world. Therefore we will see some good ones.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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6 years ago

I'm not sure you can understand english, but please try using the Google Translator if not.

Anyways, unfortunately this mouse is NOT made by Xiaomi, I contacted a friend that lives in China and he explained that this mouse was made a group composed by Lenovo (hence why it's called "Y720", same name as their gaming notebooks), iOne (a keyboard factory), PerfectWorld (a MMO game producer) and a sort of chinese “Twitch”.

As said above, this mouse is NOT designed or made by Xiaomi, but by Lenovo.

6 years ago

with all the LEDs on it is unwatchable, stuff to eradicate the pain from the retinas, it will certainly be an excellent mouse but 64 euros in China ends up costing more than a razer here