Xiaomi, it's official: it will use Bluetooth LE Audio

On our channel TToday.it yesterday we talked about the revolution of Bluetooth LE audio. This is a new generation of wireless connectivity that will bring the audio quality of headphones (and more) to a level top. Unfortunately, we have not been able to understand which companies will use this technology first from the words of Bluetooth SIG. However, thanks to the information in our possession, we can say that Xiaomi will be among the first if not the first (as often happens). Qualcomm will also keep it company, which uses the Bluetooth module in question on the headphone chips.

We have proof that Xiaomi will use the new Bluetooth LE Audio standard on its smartphones with Android 13. Already on Xiaomi 13?

Inside the MIUI code we found evidence attesting to Xiaomi's use of Bluetooth LE Audio. We would like to emphasize that this news should not surprise that much. It's obvious that other companies too like Oppo, vivo, realme, OnePlus and company will use Bluetooth LE Audio on their smartphones. However, as a blog dedicated to the Chinese brand, it is our job to make it known that the feature will be on its smartphones. It is good to remember that the functionality will be fully supported by Android 13, an operating system that will debut this year. But that said, how will audio quality improve with Bluetooth LE Audio?

xiaomi will use bluetooth le audio
xiaomi will use bluetooth le audio

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The new standard supports a number of unique features. A new feature called Auracast will allow you to connect an unlimited number of audio devices to a single source. Searching for a source is implemented in the same way as searching for a Wi-Fi network with the ability to connect via a QR code or via NFC. Bluetooth LE Audio also supports the new LC3 audio codec: Compared to the current SBC, the new codec has a higher sound quality at the same bit rate. Also, it can provide better sound quality at low bitrate. 

Finally, the next generation standard will provide a more stable connection with TWS headphones, as each headset will be able to maintain a separate source connection. In many ways, LE Audio is the same as theaptX Lossless recently announced, but unlike Qualcomm's development, Bluetooth LE Audio will come much sooner.

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