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Xiaomi Acquires Qualcomm Patents: Incentive for Global Expansion!

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Xiaomi today it has been the bash! The Chinese company has made deals with the American Qualcomm and the implications of this new partnership could be very interesting. Find out with us!

Now there are the assumptions for a global expansion of Xiaomi!


Today is the news of an agreement between Xiaomi e Qualcomm about the Chinese company's use of some patented technology by the American chipmaker for the precision of chip-related signal transmission through standard 3G e LTE 4G.

The tight agreement with Qualcomm help Xiaomi in its global expansion. Perhaps you are already aware of the lawsuit between Ericsson e Xiaomi for the breach in India of some patents belonging to the Swedish company. Acquisition of usage rights of Qualcomm will definitely help Xiaomi to avoid unpleasant situations like the one that happened in India when it decides to expand to other countries. The agreements entered into therefore represent a real incentive for a possible expansion in very competitive markets such as the US and Europe.


As you know, the company of Lei Jun è majority owner of Leadcore, a manufacturer of processors; the acquisition of patents by Qualcomm therefore, would turn the road to Xiaomi for home-made solutions, solutions that will slowly reduce dependence on MediTek with regard to processors for mid-low band devices. In this, of course, Qualcomm he would have everything to gain because he would see his presence in Asian territory increase and on the other hand he would be able to steal customers from his biggest competitor.

What do you think about this move? Personally, I can only feel like seeing a company like Lei Jun grow into like that poco time, it means that he is working a lot and above all he is also doing it well!


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Simone Rodriguez

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