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The first Xiaomi car unveiled in the latest renderings: will it really be like this?

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Today, renderings of the Xiaomi MS11, the first car of the Chinese brand, have been circulating in China. These images confirm the technical drawings shown above, although they may not show the final design of the car.

The first Xiaomi car unveiled in the latest renderings: will it really be like this?

In any case, the renders leaked today show us that Xiaomi's car has the shape of a coupe, with the front closed and a lidar on the roof. The brake vents under the headlights show that the car's sporty performance may surprise us.

The vehicle uses concealed door handles, does not use the latest electronic door mirrors and a panoramic roof is integrated into the top.

We then note the two-tone five-spoke rims, with the central part of the wheel rim clearly showing that Xiaomi cars will use the "MI" logo that the Chinese brand announced in March 2021.

In any case, in recent weeks, we have witnessed a large number of leaks which, unlike previous price and feature revelations, focus on the appearance of the "MS11". From spy photos of test vehicles, to leaking component design documents, to unofficial MS11 “credential photos” being exposed.

According to the brand's plans, Xiaomi cars will be mass-produced in 2024. What is certain is that the true face of the Xiaomi car has not yet been revealed, but according to the development cycle of new cars, the truth does not seem like much distant.

Last year, a Chinese user had photographed a camouflaged car suspected of being a Xiaomi car in the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. This is the photo:

The shape is a coupe, more like a Porsche Taycan.

During the holiday of the Spring Festival in China, a group of pictures of the molding design of Xiaomi's first model circulated, mainly showing the design details of the vehicle's front and rear casings, and disclosing information about the cooperation between Xiaomi and BAIC Molding .

In response to this incident, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi's public relations department, also released a response: “It is true that the second-tier supplier's confidential design documents have been leaked; the supplier is only a supplier for the mold proofing and the documents are early stage design documents, not the final documents.”

In other words, the design details shown are indeed true, but these are early samples and not the finalized ones. In addition, Wang Hua did not directly answer whether the BAIC mold mentioned in the picture is the final one or not.

Coming to today, although the brand has not provided an official response to this latest leak, combined with the previous leaked information, it is not an unfounded indiscretion and has some validity.

According to Chinese users, the most eye-catching and most controversial point is the shape of its headlights. Many users have complained that the proportion of the headlights is too large. The headlights look a bit like the new Focus or McLaren 720S Coupe. Inside the headlights, four small clusters of lights can be clearly seen, which are somewhat similar to the four-eye design of the Porsche Taycan.

As for prices, combined with previous market news, Xiaomi's first electric car will be a 200.000-300.000 yuan (28-40 thousand euros) electric coupe and its main competitors could include Tesla Model 3, Seal, Weilai ET5 , Xiaopeng P7. A very attractive price range for cars with intelligent driving.

As mentioned earlier, it can also be clearly seen from the renders that there is a 'bulge' above the windshield of the car, so it is likely equipped with a long-range laser radar. Additionally, a short-range lidar system can be seen on each of the left and right fenders. While the rear of the car hasn't quite been shown yet, but there is a high probability that there is also a short-range radar on each side of the rear.

In general, Xiaomi Auto inevitably lags behind other competitors in the accumulation of road data. So the brand may have chosen to use the hardware directly to make up for the lack of data.

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