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Xiaomi Comet is the smartphone ever born with SD 710 and IP68 certification

Although Xiaomi is one of those companies that launches smartphones at breakneck speed, there are also devices that it has never put on the market. We don't talk about devices like Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which in any case has a certain type of marketing: remember that the brand has stated that, in a more or less near future, the Alpha Mix will arrive on the market albeit in very limited quantity. We speak rather of prototypes which, although they are functional, do not have and will never see the light of the sun ... perhaps. One of them is Xiaomi Comet, the first smartphone of the brand certified 100% IP68.

Xiaomi Comet: a smartphone prototype never released with Snapdragon 710. Not powerful but waterproof thanks to the IP68 certification

This morning from the Chinese social network Weibo, we get news of a smartphone that has a very special design. In fact, the back vaguely remembers (but not much) the lines that we see on the gaming phone BlackShark 3. But the main feature is not so much this, as the certification for the protection level IP68. In this regard, we remind you that Lu Weibing spoke a few days ago: if you are curious, we advise you to read this article.

As we can see from the images above, the technical data sheet of this prototype which is called Xiaomi Comet it is not exciting. It is in all respects a mid range with Qualcom Snapdragon 710 processor (the same as Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite) and little availability of RAM and storage. We have indeed a configuration 4 / 32 GB. It is also a slightly dated smartphone as its forehead suggests. As we know, in fact, the part dedicated to the front camera and the ear capsule has not been made in this way for some time. Already since Xiaomi Mi 8 (2018) took over the notch solution and subsequently of the forum.

Here we see other details of the Xiaomi Comet. At the front of the screen, as mentioned before, a fairly large faceplate with camera and ear capsule. Exaggeratedly large there is not only the forehead but also the chin: the so-called chin, in the lower part, occupies the connector for the 18W charger. The interesting thing to note are the edges of the display: we can see that all around there is one particular slightly rounded finish. This is for protect the inside of the device from water. As anticipated, in fact, this device is (was) equipped with IP68 certification and therefore of total protection against the entry of dust and permanent immersion in water up to 3 m for one houra.

xiaomi comet waterproof ip68

Here instead we see the trolley where it was originally present only one slot for the SIM and one for the MicroSD. More under the power button.What do you think of this device? But above all the idea of ​​a smartphone Xiaomi completely waterproof you like it? It is really useful considering that it goes to raise the price substantially?

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Source | Weibo

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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4 years ago

as an owner of IP68 phones I think the rugged body is useless. Who feels the need to buy a rugged cover for less than 10E and change it if after a fall it should be ruined
the same is not possible with a rugged phone that actually incorporates the cover
also in everyday use a less extreme cover could be more practical to the advantage of size
ERGO rugged teelons are not only useless but counterproductive shit