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Xiaomi is a safe and flawless company, says BSI

Xiaomi and the security of its smartphones and services have been at the center of some "investigations" in recent years. Initially the fuss was raised by Forbes about the violation of user privacy. Subsequently, the Lithuania accused the Chinese giant of censorship and information control. In addition to this, former US President Donald Trump wanted to insert Xiaomi within the black list of the militarized companies by the Chinese government. All hard blows for the Chinese company which, as we learn from internal sources, has surpassed all BSI test, that is,German Federal Office for Information Security. Let's go see the details.

Is Xiaomi a safe company? Likewise, are your smartphones and MIUI safe? BSI did an investigation and ruled that it is

After months of testing, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) found no security gaps or built-in censorship functions in mobile phones from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. A BSI spokesperson said on Thursday that no anomalies were found requiring further investigation or other measures. In September, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense recommended consumers avoid buying Chinese smartphones or getting rid of the devices they have already purchased. Xiaomi had always denied the allegations.

xiaomi forbes forbes privacy violation

Specifically, the BSI spokesperson said: "After the publication of the technical report on Xiaomi smartphones, BSI conducted an investigation of several months on the relevant devices of the manufacturer with automated operating scenarios". According to the spokesperson, the BSI could not detect any filter list transmissions. The result refers to the investigation carried out in Germany, the spokesperson pointed out.

According to the Lithuanian Cyber ​​Security Agency, Xiaomi smartphones have been detected built-in censorship features, as well as a security vulnerability in some phones made by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Xiaomi phones sold in Europe would recognize and censor terms such as "Free Tibet","Long live Taiwan independence" or "Movement for democracy“, The authority said last summer. At the time, Xiaomi claimed to use the software to protect consumers from certain types of content, such as pornography, and described the procedure as an industry standard measure. 

Xiaomi stated in this regard:

Xiaomi is pleased to announce that the results of the investigation conducted by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), published yesterday, confirm our commitment to operate in a transparent, responsible and priority manner towards the privacy and security of our customers. It is a demonstration that we adhere to all European and national laws on privacy and data security, as well as all applicable European standards for devices. We appreciate the exchange with users, regulators and other stakeholders such as the BSI, as we are constantly striving to improve and innovate.

Sources | Reuters, Xiaomi

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