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Xiaomi confirms: new smartphones coming, here is the price of the anti-Meizu MX4

Just yesterday we talked about some rumors that Xiaomi would be working on a rival smartphone of Meizu MX4. Today there are some confirmations, along with the sale price of the new device!

From a post by Liwan Jiang on the Chinese Weibo social network, there is confirmation that Xiaomi is working on a 1.499 Yuan smartphone, about 188 Euro at the current exchange rate.

The smartphone will likely be a Hongmi / Redmi series model, and should arrive on the market with the MediaTek MT6595 processor. The direct competitor of this new smartphone should be the Meizu MX4, which is equipped with the same chipset as MediaTek. The competition between Xiaomi and Meizu could prove to be very interesting, and lead to a real price war.

Xiaomi is now the first smartphone maker in China, and can not afford to lose market share in favor of Meizu. On the other hand, the Meizu MX4 is much more than the first smartphone in the world with the MT6595 LTE chipset, and offers an extremely well-designed photo compartment, a beautiful design and many other features from true top range.

What will be the choices for Xiaomi for this new smartphone? Will the company compete with the jewel of Meizu?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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Massimo A. Carofano
Massimo A. Carofano
9 years ago

More than anything else on MX4 you can also install (maybe in dual boot) even Ubuntu Touch.