Xiaomi may soon launch a monitor with a 165 Hz refresh rate

If there is a term that is dear to gamers, whether it is smartphones or fixed PC stations, that is undoubtedly Hz, or the value that identifies the refresh rate of the image on the display. In short, the higher this value, the better the quality and fluidity the device returns.

Hence, Xiaomi for some time has also dedicated efforts and energies to the IT sector, with the proposal of devices, such as notebooks, keyboards, mice, monitors, etc .. dedicated to the world of gaming. But for the brand led by Lei Jun this is not enough and somehow wants to stand out so much that the latest rumors report that a new monitor capable of reaching 165 Hz is in the pipeline, a voice also confirmed by the recent certifications of the body. TÜV Rheinland.

Xiaomi may soon launch a monitor with a 165 Hz refresh rate

But thanks to the serial leaker Mukul Sharma, today we can savor a part of the features that Xiaomi has in store for users with the launch of the new monitor starting from the name that will be Xiaomi Mi Fast IPS Monitor 165 Hz, whose name already says it all, or IPS panel with refresh rate at 165 Hz whose diagonal will have dimensions of 24,5 inches.


The resolution is not specified, but we expect at least a classic Full HD. But Redmi is also intent on launching a new cheap monitor, the Redmi LCD Monitor whose characteristics are still in doubt and the certification of the device does not let anything leak out.

But, as often happens for products of this kind, we must not rejoice too much as the two monitors could be launched exclusively for the Chinese market while for Europe other rumors suggest that Xiaomi has some surprises dedicated to this market. Could it be the right time that the brand ecosystem also expands in our market with IT solutions? Only time will give us the right answers that we will not fail to offer you on our digital pages.


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