Crop circles: aliens? No, Xiaomi | Photo and video

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How far can you push the passion of a user against a telephony brand? Until i do crop circles. Yes, you got it right. That's what happened in India just a few days ago. One user showed the whole world (and aliens too, it must be said) all of his affection for Xiaomi. Strange to say: when you have as much choice as in India, it is difficult for a user to show all this love for a brand… but instead. Let's go see the details.

In Punjab, India, aliens did not land: a user who dotes on Xiaomi has created a huge MI logo in the wheat fields

"What do you know about a wheat field, a poem of profane love”Said the song of the immense Battisti. And it is appropriate to say "profane love”What the Indian user expressed towards his favorite brand. It's a bit funny as we often hear about singers of the heart, of teams of the heart ... but of phone brand of the heart absolutely not. In any case a Punjab

, at a wheat field, the man in love with Xiaomi did this job.

Taken by a drone at a distance of 1500 feet, this is how the incredible (and very precise, it must be said) work of the user and partner of Xiaomi looks like. A reckless love that will allow many people, users and not, to see how big theaffection that a Mi Fan can have towards their brand of the heart. Recall that this affection has led the Chinese company to be there third in the world by volume of sales. It should also be remembered that India is the second largest market for Lei Jun's company after China. In short, a brand that continues to grow enormously both in revenues and in the hearts of users.

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