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Xiaomi declares that the preamble of the Redmi Notes have reached 15 million

Xiaomi unveiled its first octacore smartphone, the Redmi Note, on March 19th of this year. Exactly one week later, the company said it had sold 100.000 units in poco more than half an hour, typical of the advertising campaigns the company has accustomed us to.

Numbers aside, the Redmi Note is really in demand. The latest news reports that the company would receive 15 millions of pre-orders for its new economic phablet that, as rightly reported GSMArena, exceed the number of sales in the first week of Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S put together.

However, Xiami's approach could be a little deceptive as usual. In fact what Xiaomi defines pre-order is a simple registration that does not even include a payment, which in fact makes the figures declared very approximate. This does not mean that the numbers obtained by Xiaomi are very high, but as we all know, the company takes every opportunity to talk about itself.

In any case, the Redmi Note is one of the most interesting smartphones of the moment, as well as being one of the cheapest octacles. The cost in China is in fact 130 $ (93 euro) with 5.5 720p display, octacore MediaTek processor, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 5 mega pixel front and 3200mAh battery. Like the other smartphones of the company, the Redmi Note will mount the MIUI ROM.

With Xiaomi ready to expand in many other countries and markets, a similar product could literally overcome competing proposals, also considering the popularity the company enjoys. We also know that Xiaomi has his first tablet and his next top range, Mi3S, in the works, so in the coming months the spotlight will be focused on this Chinese giant. As usual we will keep you up to date here!



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