Xiaomi does not slow its growth in Italy

The times when someone sees our Xiaomi smartphone as our daily companion and come out with the phrase: "But what is this Chinese?" Are far away. The company led by Lei Jun has been appearing on our territory for over two years and since then it has worked very well to improve its position as leader in the smartphone market.

The period we are still experiencing is not at all easy for every company in the area, not even those of technology such as Xiaomi, yet for the Asian brand things have gone very well judging the data provided by Canalys, which has compiled a ranking relative to Q1 2020 sales, in which the success for the OEM of Lei Jun is clear, gaining third place in terms of market share, but certainly the triple-digit growth is striking. In fact, we have a 306% positive value compared to the same period of the previous year.

Xiaomi does not slow its growth in Italy

In addition to the record growth figures, it should be noted that Xiaomi has far exceeded the most noble Apple, which holds only 5% of the market, a value that could perhaps increase with the entry into the game of the iPhone SE 2020, even if not even the fan boys. more avid bet more than a lot.

This milestone is a source of great pride for us, as well as a further demonstration of the commitment and constancy with which we work to keep the promise made. It is also and above all the trust shown by our fans that has allowed us to achieve such a result and that stimulates us every day to aim even higher "- said Leonardo Liu, General Manager of Xiaomi Italia.

Furthermore Xiaomi has managed to confirm its positive trend not only in Italy, but also in Europe as well as in the rest of the world, where the Chinese brand remains faithful to the fourth position with a 10% share. In short, despite the pandemic event from Coronavirus has slowed sales everywhere, our Xiaomi has been able to offer a series of products and services that have collected the affection of its users, old and new. Can we venture that in this year the Chinese giant will be one of the most important brands in Italy?

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