Will Xiaomi have native Dynamic Island? The official answer

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Last week we saw a theme Xiaomi that simulates Dynamic Island on MIUI. For those unfamiliar with it, Dynamic Island is a feature introduced by Apple in recent years iPhone 14. However, as our Emanuele pointed out to us, this feature has been around for years on Android. The theme in question, in any case, has not been officially "accepted" by Xiaomi and this is the reason why we cannot use it. But many are wondering: Will Dynamic Island officially arrive on MIUI? The official answer comes on the Mi Chinese Community.

Xiaomi will not integrate any Dynamic Island or similar function for now. MIUI currently does not need it: this is what users think

Before giving an answer to the question, a special thanks to the developer and member of Xiaomi.eu Kacper Skrzypek and shared this news. Xiaomi will not introduce Dynamic Island natively on MIUI. So, at least for the moment, we will not see this functionality on MIUI China nor on the Global one (let alone). However, this does not mean that no gods will be created themes alternative or porting which will allow you to use Dynamic Island in a similar way or in any case the effect it produces. Indeed, we are sure that the developers are already at work.

xiaomi dynamic island
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Returning to the heart of the news: a representative of Xiaomi commented on a thread created on the Chinese Mi Community where he wondered if Dynamic Island would ever arrive on Xiaomi's MIUI. The moderator stated that after consulting the developers concerned, these they have decided not to implement this functionality (at least at the moment).

Many of our readers have had one reaction rather adverse when we first talked about this feature. A message was mistakenly passed that we did not want to pass, namely that Apple has copied Xiaomi. It is not our duty to argue and we do not want to. It is simply a fact that Android came first in the implementation of this feature and Xiaomi has a theme that simulates it ALMOST (in bold and italics) to perfection.

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2 months ago

Hello, sorry I would like some information, what would be the theme that simulates the Dynamic island? Thanks a lot for the answer

2 months ago

Hi Gianluca, thanks for the answer, in fact if it doesn't work you were right not to mention it. Good day